Facebook is a hugely popular social media website, and there is no indication that its popularity is on the decline. It comes down to this People are your customers, and online the majority of people are on Facebook. If your customers are on Facebook, then your business should be there too. Your business can leverage the socially connecting capabilities that Facebook provides to mingle with current and potential customers.

1 Billion Facebook Users

Facebook has reached a shocking 1 billion active users this year. This is more proof that your current and future customers are spending a good portion of their daily online experience on Facebook. The potential for your business to interact with people and solidify your brand is huge. Facebook pages for business allow you to create company fan page and build a strong following of likes or fans. By creating your business Facebook fan page and building a following, you are creating a community around your business and brand, which could help your business tap into additional revenues in the short and long term.

Get On The Bandwagon

As popular as Facebook is, from a business perspective, it is still in its developmental infancy. Facebook has only begun to roll out tools and products that help businesses connect to users in a more social environment. The future potential of Facebook to deliver more sophisticated and more complete business to consumer interactions is enormous. It is most definitely not too late for your business to get on the social media bandwagon and interact with and market to your customers on Facebook.

People Trust a Business That is Human

The more familiar people are with your business, the more they trust your business, and the more likely they are to buy from your business. Interacting with customers through Facebook makes a business feel more approachable and more human to consumers. A business that delivers and is who they say they are can quickly develop credibility through the Facebook interactions and unsolicited recommendations of customers. Sometimes all it takes is one customer posting about their positive experience with your business to drive your businesss popularity and credibility to new heights.

Facebook Pages for Business: The Right Approach

Facebook company fan pages are free to setup and use, which saves your business money. Facebook is where your customers are spending their time online, so your business should be there as well. However, the marketing approach on Facebook is different. People are not on Facebook to buy. They are on Facebook to be social. The right marketing approach on Facebook is to likewise be social. Humanize your business and interact with customers. Establish brand recognition and the credibility of your business. Advertise specials, offers, giveaways, and promotions. Help people believe in the quality of your business and interact with them, and they will most likely become your customers. This is the power of Facebook pages for business.