When it comes to online marketing, we often think about lead generation and quality over quantity and in most instances, I agree. Its incredible to have a ton of traffic visiting your website or landing pages every day, but if none of those leads ever convert to paying customers, then you could be wasting your time and money and need to determine what adjustments need to be made so you can get more bang for your buck.

But when it comes to Facebook and other forms of social media, its beneficial to consider quantity over quality for several reasons. To start, the benefits of Facebook go far beyond simply generating new fans and prospective leads directly via Facebook. Facebook gives local businesses the opportunity, when utilized effectively, to generate leads indirectly, as well, via several vehicles, including search engine optimization. Facebook is also a great way to build brand exposure and expert status by reaching literally millions of people with an already built and connected network around the globe. However, for Facebook to really have a powerful effect on SEO, brand exposure, etc., the power is in the numbers"hence quantity is more important than quality.

Social Reach and the Viral Effect

If you have 5000 fans and a competitor has chosen to be more selective and only has 500 fans, whos going to reach more people via reposts, re-tweets, etc.? You are! When you post something that 5000 people have the potential to see and repost, then you have access to those 5000 fans contacts and networks, as well. Your reach is far greater when you have more fans, which is why quantity is better than quality when it comes to social media (though having both aspects is even better, of course).

Search Signals and Search Engine Optimization

To go even farther with social reach, the search engines are changing their algorithms constantly, and those algorithms are being developed to be more sensitive to social networking activities, which means the more social signals you have with posts, reposts, re-tweets, mentions, etc., the better for your search engine rankings. And again, the more fans you have, the more social signals you have the potential to create.

Who is your ideal customer, really?

As local business owners, we often take great stride in determining who our ideal customer is, and with good reason; these are the people we want to target. At the same time, consumers might surprise you. By accessing more and more people via social networks like Facebook, you could be tapping into a client or customer base you hadnt considered, and given that social media is low cost, you can test it out with little risk or investment.

In many instances, you want to focus on quality vs. quantity to get conversions and close the deal. By doing so, youll get more return on your investment. But when it comes to social media and Facebook, do what you can to get a many fans and likes as possible because there is power in numbers when it comes to social marketing.