When it comes to local social media marketing, Facebook has become king. Facebook news feeds are read by the minute, so advertisers are granted a direct pathway to reach millions of existing and potential clients. Recent updates have made Facebook even more convenient and effective for advertisers and local businesses. Consider the following.

facebook tab

Custom Images

One popular recent update allows advertisers to choose their own custom image for a Page post link ad. In the past, Facebook would mechanically source an image from the linked site. In many situations, this sourced image was not advantageous to the advertiser because it did not do anything to grab the attention of the Facebook user. With the ability to choose their own preferred image, advertisers are given much more flexibility in targeting future clients.

When choosing an image for a Page post link ad, find ways to grab a person's attention. If your images are bland or ordinary, the enticement will be lost. There are many ways to customize an image, whether it be through Power Editor, the Page composer, or a different method.

More Options for Advertising

In addition to custom images, advertisers are now able to publish Page post ads that can direct Facebook users to other websites. In the past, this was only available on the right side of the screen and led to little success. Better resources for advertising can improve the experience for both the Facebook user and the advertiser.

Unpublished Page Post Links

For advertisers who want to reach a specific, targeted audience, the availability of unpublished Page post links is extremely valuable. Now, instead of making each post available to each of your Facebook followers, advertisers can run promotions and create ads that are directed towards a specific group. You need only create an "unpublished post" and select your intended audience.

Advertisers who use this method will most likely have more success when they offer promotions and coupons to each of their audiences, whether or not they choose to do this at the same time. In other words, do not neglect your current following of clients simply to offer promotions to potentials. Find ways to reward and entice all of your Facebook followers.

Improved Facebook Experience

With recent Facebook updates, local social media marketing has become much easier for advertisers and businesses who are trying to reach a new audience. The more you can learn about and use these options, the better the experience will be for everyone.