5 Top Twitter Tips for Free Fanatical Followers


Slightly more time consuming than the auto-follow strategy, these 5 simple tips get you genuinely interested followers.

Be Social!

Twitter is a social media network and bookmarking site and this means the majority of people log onto Twitter for the social aspect. So it seems fairly simple and easy, but be social, throw compliments to people, ask how everyone is, start conversations and maybe even discussions about a related topic. You need to build friendships between your followers, and show your more personal side.

Branch Out!

I know, I know' This post is all about helping Twitter and gaining followers, but if you just stay on one site, you are effectively isolating yourself. There are countless social media sites out there. Now I am not saying join every site and post like mad on all of them. What I am saying is you need to be on the highly regarded sites, like Linkedin and Facebook. You do need to make sure the social media site is relevant to your business, or else you're just wasting your time, and as the age old saying goes, time is money.

Don't Outshine Your Competitors

As odd as it sounds, going out of your way to outshine your competitors is one of the worst things you can do. I explained earlier how important it is to be social, well this action is the complete opposite, it portrays an aggressive image and will not impress your followers. If anything you should help other people as much as you can, try to promote other people's blogs for example. If they have written something good give them the credit, and when the time comes you will receive credit back.

Be an Individual

If you want followers, then you have to be interesting. It is crucial that you offer something to your community that no one else can. People need to realize that they can only get this specific information from you. Imagine Twitter as a heard of sheep, and yourself as a Shepard. Now if you're following a ton of people and doing whatever they do, how do you expect people to follow you' They would just follow who you are following. You need to be a leader, become something different and sustain the interest of your followers.

Stay Active

My final and possibly most important point is to stay active. You need to tweet as much as possible and keep your tweets current and engaging. If you go for long periods without tweets, you will find your followers losing interest and they're likely to 'unfollow' you, so to retain your followers it is essential you keep them updated on anything relevant to you. Consistency is key!

About the Author: Ben Austin

My name is Ben and I am the CEO at Absolute Digital Media.


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