Recently, I was asked 'If traditional link building is out, and link attracting can't be done on a "write it and they will link" basis -- how do I get the ball rolling?' This strategy, to which I refer to as the "Field of Dreams" approach, is Google whispering "build it and they will come." With the Penguin pitching original content and natural linking, what is our approach? This blog will make sure you have you bases covered.

Survey The Field

You just published an article or blog post, great job! But where is your audience? Perhaps, we should look through our roster for some key players. Who are the All-Stars? Do you have an extensive blogging community? Do they also have social channels? Perhaps this is a PR opportunity within your own organization? How should I mange my back linking? Let's examine these questions to determine how this one will play out.

1) Blogging Community

Monitoring the blogging community is similar to having a strong farm league. Some of the best prospects came from these ranks and are now professionals.

This is a two-prong approach: stay in touch with your fellow bloggers and reach out to new members of the community.

It is important to keep an eye out on talented content creators. When reaching out, remember to support your emails with actionables or opportunities for them to build their name or brand. This isn't all giveaways and sweepstakes either; perhaps it is authority or access to interviews and organization profiles.

Finally, make sure you share a common focus in the market. This type of mutual exchange is the essence behind link building.

2) Social Channels

How do you get there? It is very similar to building your blog community: networking. In fact, many of the blogging community also have their own social channels established.

This is a two-way street so share some posts or re-tweet an article. Sometimes just a quick mention will create a dialogue. Overtime this dialogue attracts new voices. It may not help you on your current publication but this potential member can provide some relief down the stretch.

3) PR Campaign

Reach out with a Press Release. This boils down to why we are here. Let's communicate! You may be surprised by who shares a common interest and reaches out to you.

Press Releases are also an example of content generating additional content. With specific audiences targeted, potential links will be earnest and natural. More importantly, the reader may actually care that you took the time to write such a thorough piece. They may even want to join your camp.

4) Bringing It Home

In baseball, manufacturing a run means each member works in unison to produce. But understand that Google does not reward "manufactured" links. Avoid overtly biased link building and anchor texts tactics. Instead of trying to figure out how to game the system, focus on engaging your community members. By working together you can draw a large fan base for your content line up. Hopefully, this will carry you through the "post-season."

Score Card:

Guest Blogs: Provide and accept Guest Blogs that are relevant to your audience.
Social: Create a dialogue with like-minded users. And participate in current issues.
PR: Communication is the Goal.
Link Building: Original Content is center to the "Field of Dreams" approach, remember- Building a Team is more advantageous than building a link.

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