These are the top 4 ways I use to find the best Twitter connections.

The list is particularly beneficial for those who are fairly new to Twitter. I've you've been using Twitter for quite some time, do have a quick read to see if you have missed any of my methods.

Twitter (Real-Time) Search

Twitter real time search

Twitter Search creates new opportunities for business feedback, tracking news in real time and discovering trends.

Not only that, I am also able to find people to follow and interact with. The interface is pretty simple. I simply do a search for any keyword or keyword phrase of concern and I can be sure to find people tweeting on that subject.

The search results automatically refreshes itself in real-time. Often, I just leave the window open and reply to some of the tweets that come in subsequently.



The 2009 launch of WeFollow came hot on the heels of Twitter's own Suggested Users List which was created to help new users find people to follow. WeFollow provides a similar service but on a far larger scale.

The directory lists the Twitter users according to categories and tags. This enables me to easily find people who share the same interests as me. Something interesting is that I can also sort the listings according to Most Influential and Most Followers. However, most of the time, I will just enter tags into the search bar so that I can get more specific results. You might also want to add yourself on WeFollow so that other people can find you too!

Mashable Twitter List Directory

Mashanle Twitter List Directory

I first came across Mashable Twitter List Directory in 2010 a collaboration between Mashable and TLISTS. This is a place where I am able to find massive collections of tweeters on any topic sorted by relevance, anywhere from Tech & Science to Politics & Causes. Mashable Twitter List Directory has been a very useful resource for me as I am able to create and follow lists on Twitter. If you want to add your lists to the Directory, you have got to sign in with your Twitter account.



This has got to be my favourite Twitter connection platform amongst others. Ever wonder why journalists - who are just average people like you and me - get to interview celebrities or experts while you are just standing at one side staring with envy? Well now, you can find and interview almost anyone on Listorious.

I cant emphasize again the fact that Listorious has got to be my best Tweople search on the web. I am able to find practically anyone by profession, region or topic. Once I am able to find the correct person, I can interview him directly by asking him questions over Listorious. Its almost the quality of a magazine interview. Imagine being able to interview an authority in your niche. How about that for FREE?

Do share in the comments section below if you discover some others as well!