You know you need to get your company up and running with a Facebook page. You also know that once you get them up you're going to have to get people following along with your efforts. It can be really overwhelming at first especially if you've never done it. 

I get it. Don't worry - this is a normal feeling. But pat yourself on the back - the strategy planning and prioritization that it took to get you this far is by far the hardest part.


Seems like a good place to start huh?

This doesn't have to be set in stone, and things may change over time but you need to identify your goals first. Nail down why you are doing this and what you would like to see as a result from engaging on this social network.  

Who is your audience community on this channel and what kind of content will appeal to them the most?  

Really - why do they want to spend time with you here on Facebook and what can you add to their experience are good places to start.   The answer to those questions will help to define your content strategy and how you approach the channel.

Curb Appeal

Get your ducks in a row in terms of your brands visual assets.  

Set up your profile according to the terms and conditions of Facebook using your branded assets. Use your logo, include your site's URL (including tracking if possible) and fill out your profile COMPLETELY.  

A finished, polished profile will help build trust that this is a place that is cared about and their experience with it matters.  

A few hints: do not create a personal profile and replace the first and last name fields with your business name. This is an example of violating the Facebook TOS. That's just one of many things to familiarize yourself with.  

Do your homework here so you don't end up being penalized and forced to start over in the future.   Facebook has a healthy Help center to get you started down the right path. Create a Page - Facebook Help

Get everyone on board

Conduct some internal promotion.

Share your new profiles with your employees and encourage them to follow along and even share with their friends and family.  

Side benefit in Facebook: These new 'adds' will end up showing in their streams garnering even further exposure.

Also if you get enough people out of the gate (Facebook has set the minimum bar at 25 you can get your custom URL - VERY important for SEO purposes especially going forward!)

Location Location Location

If they can't find it - they can't like it. 

Place Facebook, Twitter, or other social network links in high profile places.   Make it easy for them to find your pages.

Every visitor that you have worked hard to get to your site will then be exposed to your new social presence.  

You can theorize that if the visitor is already on their website they have a vested interested in you - a pre-qualified lead if you will and thereby may be inclined to 'Like' you.  

Have your 'house' in order before you throw that kind of traffic at your Facebook page. Watch out though - people are getting REALLY used to seeing these so you need to make it pop and clarify your call to action.

Throw money at it

Not sexy and some might even argue that this is not the best strategy. Let's hear it!!  

If building out the numbers makes sense for you then buying ads on Facebook or running a Promoted campaign on Twitter could be worth considering.  

Often, when done properly, you will see great growth in relevant fans/friends/followers with a relatively low financial investment.  

But in the beginning - it's worth pointing out that your strategy ON Facebook needs to be about engaging and building community not ROI. So don't go throwing money at it if you're relying on making that back. You can get there I promise, but right out of the gate is not the time.  

For the most part these points are in order. You want to know what your goals are before you begin. You want to have your "house' in order before you begin inviting people over for parties. Be ready to engage and have conversations once they begin to show up. There's nothing worse than being invited over to a party only to feel ignored once you arrive. Even if it is because your hosts are in the back cooking up something special.  

Every business will have needs that are slightly different from one another and there is no prescriptive guide that I can give you that will cover them all. Be smart though, think about the user and their experience first and fore most and follows the rules of the road and you will be just fine. Once you've got the basics in place and the core pieces moving in the right direction you can begin to think about ramping up your efforts and moving to more advanced tactics.