By now, we're all aware of Google Alerts and their use as competitive intelligence tools.

Signing up for a Google Alert is relatively straightforward, and can be done here. However, in choosing your subject of choice, try for an exact match, "in quotes" or you may become the unwitting victim of information overload.

Googling potential job candidates has become, by now, commonplace. And it can be enlightening, not just for the frat party pictures, but in providing additional insight into your potential choice of candidates by revealing specific interests, skillsets or attitudes that can affect that choice, one way or the other. (Bear in mind we've all been to a toga party or seven and even Clinton admitted to smoking and Obama, more than that.)

But I know of one employer who takes it a step further, setting up Google Alerts for every employee in the company.

And, of course, every company should have Google Alerts set up on industry terms and competitors. Staying informed and staying competitive are the responsibility of every business owner.

In a similar vein, start up Swamii boasts being current as its currency of choice:

It's like a search engine that keeps on giving. You enter your common searches (we call them ‘interests') and then every time you visit, Swamii show's you all the new stuff we've found since the last time.

And it too is available in your mailbox if you so choose.

Oddly enough, a search for Swamii in Google news brings up nothing.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy