Have you had your site's pages de-indexed? Hmmm...maybe it's because a world-class spammer has filled Google with BILLIONS of bogus pages - and Google has been stupid enough to be duped into indexing all of them!

Think it's no big deal, because after all, it's one thing to get indexed, but yet another to get ranked? Think again. This spammer is ranking for just about anything he wants - beating out the New York Times, and even getting ranked FOUR TIMES in the top 10 in some cases.

How has this spam king accomplished this? I don't claim to understand the exact details, but it involves subdomains - billions of subdomains - created on the fly.

Lots of hubbub about this. It's made the front page of Digg, Del.icio.us, and Reddit, and is a hot topic over at Digital Point.

Know why this is a crying shame? Because Google and Big Daddy fails to be able to deal with this. Do I blame the spammer? Well, to some extent I do, but the real blame falls squarely in Google's lap.

Google, your algorithm just doesn't cut it anymore. You cannot handle things with your old, outdated link-based methods. Do I have the answer to your problems, Google? Nah, I'm not that bright. But hey, you're the ones with the massive overload of PhDs. I'd suggest you get them all together in one room, tell them to stop playing around with non-search related projects that hardly anyone ever uses, and get back to the job at hand - SEARCH. You have big, big problems with your search engine. Fix 'em. Geez, what a mess.

UPDATE: Looks like Google has manually banned this one (probably thanks to all the coverage). But of course, he's just creating more, as are a lot of wannabes.