The introduction of brand pages was exactly what Google needed to regenerate interest in Google+ and further spur adoption. Google+ brand pages are growing four times as fast as those offered by rival Twitter. While Twitters extended time in the social space has made it a more popular tool with the marketing community, it could be only a matter of time before Googles platform is on equal footing.

Make Sure The Time Is Right

Google+ was already growing at a record pace, and the launch of the brand pages only accelerated that tremendous growth.

According to Google, the platform currently has more than 90 million registered users and is averaging 625,000 new members each day. By its estimates, the number could spill over 400 million by the end of 2012.

All this is impressive, but marketers should still take the initiative to figure out whether Google+ is the right move at the time. Has your target audience arrived, or are they still hanging out on Facebook and Twitter?

Brand pages certainly attract a lot of businesses but stats on how they are driving engagement between brand and user are not all that impressive by comparison.

Optimize For Search

Slowly but surely, Google+ has become a social network with SEO-friendly features that trump most of the competition.

Take the recently introduced Search Plus Your World, for example. When logged in to the network, this feature provides users with search results that are personalized in accordance to their profile and activity on the site.

As more features like this are released, Google+ will become increasingly important from a visibility standpoint, meaning marketers would be wise to adopt an SEO-mindset.

Create A Good Page

Now that the Google+ brand page phenomenon has taken off, marketers who want to take full advantage of the new social network are strongly encouraged to dive in and create a presence. This should actually be considered a must because creating a page is the safest and most effective way to promote your business without violating any of Googles rules.

In general, a good Google+ brand page is:

  • Relevant to its audience
  • Updated regularly
  • A provider of share-worthy content
  • Not too salesy
  • Well promoted

Still Room For Improvement

Google+ brand pages appear to be on the rise, but it may be a while before they catch up to the competition on the engagement front.

Luckily for marketers, Google+ still has time and opportunity on its side.