An image can comfortably replace text we rather not expose directly to Google.

If a review requires disclosure and you want to avoid the Wrath of Google, maybe putting "sponsored review" in an image is so much smarter.

Or not.

Google & Image Spam

01:22: "Dreaded image spam. These embedded images not only cost you time, but they hog memory and clock bandwidth. They're also tough to catch.

But not for us... Optical Character Recognition from Google Book Search helps us block image spam before it gets to you."

  • Google can OCR process images either on-the-fly or in near real-time
  • Hiding text in images is now as useless as using document.write('hide from Google')
  • Using large images to overlap (search engine) visible text is useless
  • Could this technique be combined with facial recognition to come up with an auto-flagging feature for dubious sites?