If youve ever wondered what role mobile plays in your website conversions, or how it assists with desktop conversions then youre not alone.  It's a common question among Web Marketers, especially in the past 1-2 years with the explosive growth in mobile usage and search.

Many marketers tend to shy away from mobile due to the lack of understanding, the higher CPC/CPAs, and lower CTRs, which presents problems for Google.  As mobiles share in search and online continues to grow, mobile becomes less profitable as fewer users click on ads from smaller screens, and mobile ads assume a lower % of SERP real-estate. 

That's all about to change! Google recognized these problems and has seized the opportunity.

Google Analytics Cross Device Management

Unveiled at Googles Annual Developer conference, Google is launching a Cross Device Management component to Google Analytics that will revolutionize mobile analytics, providing more insight into mobile marketing, user behavior across multiple devices, and what role mobile plays in leads & conversions.

Now that Google will be able to provide more valuable data on mobiles role on revenue generation, it will attract more advertisers, more bids, better ads, stronger CTRs, and ultimately mo money for Google!

Whats good for Google is good for us because by using Googles Cross Device Management tools you'll be able to analyze users, not devices.  You can prove the suspicion that users browse on mobile, and convert on desktop. You'll be able to know at what stages of the purchase process users use which device, and make decisions accordingly, based on real data, not feelings. 

The cross-device user data will help you to:

  1. Bid on top-of-funnel queries in mobile
  2. Attract users in the early stages on the purchasing funnel
  3. Stay top-of-mind through their purchase process through display/digital remarketing
  4. Stand a much greater chance at getting the conversion
  5. Attribute the first interaction / assisted conversion to the mobile device! 

Cross-device Optimization Reports

Some of the Cross-Device Optimization reports include:

  • Device Overlap Report
    Segment users & outcomes by device combinations - similar to Googles multi-channel conversion funnel.
  • Device Paths report
    What devices are used at what stage of the purchase process.
  • Acquisition Source Report
    Understand the user acquisition value by device.  Which device was the 1st engagement/purchase, and the value of subsequent purchases by device.

Even More Data

On a final note, with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns to be rolled-out on July 22nd 2013, youll have more data to better calculate and set your mobile bid adjustments for more effective and efficient targeting and performance!

For now the Cross Device Optimization & Management tools are in a limited pilot, and Google has not indicated when it will be rolled-into Google Analytics, but lets hope it sooner rather than later, cause I cant wait to get in there and start exploring!