On the heel's of Rupert Murdoch's surprise bid for Dow Jones, or more appropriately, the stalwart Wall Street Journal, comes whispers that Google may actually be interested in making a play for the property as well.

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand thinks there's not much substance to the rumour but why wouldn't Google eventually make a content play?

It's a step removed from search to be sure, but it's not a step removed from advertising which is where Google's makes it's money, profits and margins. Google gets high margin business.

Morever, Google would get content. Financial content. It's a long way to go to beat Yahoo! Finance but it's not entirely out of the question.

Google would also move dramatically offline and immediate into traditional advertising realms. And then it would have that much more reason to explore innovation and distruption in the offline advertising world.

Besides, Viacom is a content company. And yet, every notice those billboards on the way to and from work?

The message is the medium. Or is the medium the message?

It the end, it's all about the margins.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy