If you are looking to enter the field of digital marketing or broaden your experience into social media, search engine marketing or website property management, what follows is some advice to help get your game on!

Teaching Web marketing at The University of Toronto and having worked in digital communications for 7-plus years has presented plenty of opportunities to work alongside and mentor both established and aspiring digital marketing professionals and interview job candidates.

Digital marketing is a multi-faceted, dynamic discipline that is constantly in flux with advances in technology, the explosion of online content, emerging interactive communications and an increasingly competitive market.

Playing this game demands the right stuff and a game plan.

The Right Stuff


Whether youre positioning yourself to enter the digital discipline, advance your skills, land the sweetest job or earn more virtual dollars, these 6 skills and attributes will prove that you have the right stuff to succeed:


1. Curiosity for continually acquiring new knowledge and skills clip_image002 
2. Technical aptitude lacking any and all fear of technology clip_image002[1] 
3. Business acumen to address business goals and measurable outcomes clip_image002[2] 
4. Interpersonal, written and oral communication skills clip_image003 
5. Time management skills to juggle multiple, parallel and sequential projects clip_image003[1]
6. Self-motivation with a passion for staying current, innovative and creative clip_image003[2]




A Game Plan


Establishing your credentials, training and nailing the job search are 3 things you are best to include in your game plan towards a digital job offer or promotion.


The first thing a hiring manager will do is google your name for evidence of your digital works and your professional (and personal) digital profile. The power of this is that you have total control over what they find online in support of (or in opposition to) your professional brand. Manage and optimize your digital profile and Google yourself often.

Build a social media resume and keep it current; be active on the relevant social media platforms; showcase your portfolio of accomplishments and remove any opposing or conflicting content that may distract from your professionalism. A social media resume and blog are great platforms to showcase your work. Your LinkedIn profile must be complete and optimized. Twitter is perfect to find information about emerging trends, network with the digiteri (a key source of job referrals) and establish your subject matter expertise.

Not sure if you have subject matter expertise? There is no better field than digital to roll up your sleeves and just do it! Start a blog, launch a website, create interactive content (videos, podcasts), activate and optimize your social networking profilesor consider an internship to gain experience and build your portfolio. These are all no to low cost means for hands-on learning and practice.

However, dont overlook the value of training and certification. Training can make the difference between you and the next best job candidate getting the offer. Completing a specialist degree, course, workshop or certification demonstrates your commitment and investment in the field. Training also arms you with the terminology and foundations to nail the job interview and conduct due diligence as to whether or not the role is what you are seeking.

Job search and career advancement in this field demand the use of the social web to grow your professional network and source and apply to job openings. When you find a role or company of interest, customize your resume for each role and thoroughly research the potential employerbefore you arrive at the interview.

Better still, assess the companys digital strategy and online properties, and be prepared to share your critical analysis and recommendations during the interview process. Arrive prepared and polished. Ask the interviewers about their digital career path and experiences working in the field. Make eye contact often. And follow up with a thank you note and links to samples of your portfolio.

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