As organic SEO providers, content developers and all around nice girls, we get the chance to see websites of all shapes, sizes and industries. We see the best, the worst, and everything in between. Clients come in, talking about how badly they need SEO, SEM and/or content. The irony is, what they need the most " what they need first " is some good, old common sense.

With that in mind, weve created a list of things you can do to improve your online business without needing to know heavy duty coding or in depth SEO.

These are simple, common sense steps; most site owners will see some positive improvement, just by following the tips below:

Talk about them

If your usage of I, mine, me and we is more than your usage of you and your, shut up. Stop talking about you. You arent appealing to your visitors by boasting about your products, services or company. The content on your site (with the exception of a contact or about page) needs to be more about you than me.

Write actionable page titles

Learn, Find, Discover, Buy " these words are actionable. You can do something with them. When writing page titles (the ones that show up in the SERPs), tell your potential visitor what theyre going to do on that page. In other words, make the page title more than just Products or Services.

Write descriptive descriptions

You sell products? What kind? How will they help me? What can I do with them? Do they have a unique feature or benefit Id be interested in? Answer at least one who, what, when, where, why question.

Be concise

You have a short amount of time to grab your visitors/ potential visitors attention in the SERPs and on the page. Dont waste time with meme and flowery marketing lingo. If your description, title, headlines and first paragraph are full of sales talk and not much information, clean it up.

Be precise

The vaguer the information you offer is, the vaguer your visitors will feel about acting on that information. For example, dont try to sneak up on them with your calls to action. You have: headline, content, sales call out. Each of these points needs to be to the point.clip_image004

Allow open communication

If youre selling services and/or products, your visitors need some way to be able to communicate. The less lines you have open, the less the chances of them trying. With this in mind, if you have a business phone number, make sure its on your site. The same with your physical and email addresses. If you use social media, dont hide the icons and links; add them where theyre visible. Make connecting with your business easier.

Check your speed

Youd be amazed at how much a fast site time can increase visitor retention, referral and return. With several options out there to help you optimize your site code and speed, theres no excuse for a slow site.


The above tips arent the end-all-be-all of converting sites. They leave out SEO, social marketing and content development. Why? The foundation of any type of online marketing campaign is the site itself.

Before you look for an organic SEO provider, social media guru or creative content developer, take the common sense approach. Apply these tips and start a positive, forward momentum for your online business.

What tips would you add to the list?