Guest Posting : Why We Both Benefit

When early 2008 we "lost" a regular blogger I thought it would be the perfect time to grab that spot for guest posters.

It's been such a hit that whether or not to continue with it in 2009 hasn't even been a question. Nay, better; we took SEO Scoop over from Donna Fontenot, who coincidentally is a contributor here, with the almost exclusive intent to make it an SEO guest posting site.

So yes, we'll continue those guest posts in 2009 and no, this post isn't about that.

This post is about the why of guest posting and guest post publishing.

I've seen and heard my share of *wink wink* lazy free content, eh?! *nudge nudge* reactions. I understand that reaction so I'm less than baffled " but at the same time I realize some folks, publishers and posters alike, are missing out on what amounts to an act of relationshiop building which exchanges and confirms authority.

Guest Posts & Authority

The chance to guest post on a blog is often viewed from the perspective of guest poster to publisher: the publisher is the larger, more authoritative entity and the guest poster is smaller, less authoritative. The "payment" of the guest post is the addititional authority for the guest poster: "if XYZ thinks they're worth to publish than ABC probably knows what she's talking about!"

Reading that I'm sure you already see one other side: a blogging hero publishing on a lesser known blog. Bingo for the lesser known blog: "if XYZ thinks that ABC is worth to publish at"

But there's an overlooked value: authority confirmation.

The confidence of both the poster and the publisher, in essence competitors, to exchange material and name/brand recognition in the field both are active in confirms the quiet authority of either party.

The "other" reasons

I think that for those that "get it", the above is the real value of guest posting. But of course there are the "other" reasons.

Traffic: both the guest poster and the publisher get "free, as in beer" traffic.

Fresh ideas: while the regular blogger(s) might be talking the company talk, the guest poster will talk whichever way she likes. At the same time the guest poster can break out of the mold his or her blog normally imposes.

I'm sure we can think of many more: more reasons, more guest posts. Let's just say: get in touch. We'll both benefit.

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