Web hosting is a service provided to individuals and institutions that allow them to create their own websites that are accessible through the Internet. Web host companies are providers of data center space and Internet connection for servers that they may or may not own.

If your just starting online, and looking to build a presence, before proceeding, it is important that you first identify what you want your website to look like and what its contents will be, along with where your website will be situated (host).

Here are some factors that you might want to know about free web hosting:

Amount Of Space

- this refers to the web space allotted for your usage. Web site features vary with each other, and so is the web space. Features that include photos, videos, audio files and the amount of graphics to be used on a website will also affect the web space of your site. To avoid running out of space you need first to assess and check the amount of web space you will need - then check if the web host is providing you with enough space to use.

The usual web space offered by web host companies is 500MB more or less. It is in the web space where you can put all your company details and information.  You can always look for other web host companies if you feel that their web space is not enough, or look at alternative packages offered. Depending on what your site is going to have, ensure that you have adequate hosting space.

(Ftp) File Transfer Protocol Access

- This is the process wherein files are transferred from a browser or from an email in order to upload or upgrade youre WebPages. In some cases, webhost companies will limit you to using only their online tools and builders in creating your website.

Though this might be useful when youre still starting because of its user-friendly instructions - but as you progress and as your business expands, you will need additional applications to upload new files to upgrade your website which the current default online builder cannot facilitate.

It is also worthy to note that there are some web hosting companies that dont allow access to any browser or email - thus, limiting expansions and upgrades of your current website.

Speed Of Internet Connection

- high speed connection is also very important because.  After all, you dont want visitors to check out other websites because yours is frequently down, right?  What is the point of having a website to help your business if potential customers are unable to access it?

This is also very irritating for your part because it may take twice the time to download or upload files to your webpage.

So how do you check if the Internet speed the webhost is providing fast enough? You need first to give it a trial period for around a week or two - if youre satisfied then stay with your current provider, if not, then go look for another Internet provider, along with look out for reviews and feedback from their other customers, which should give you a good indication.

File Limitations

- this refers to the restriction of certain files or file size that you can upload. Other webhosts restrict *.mpeg files and *.jpeg files more than 10kbs.If you think you will be using such files in the near future look for web host that supports this format.

Web Host Technical Support

" this is very useful especially if youre still new in managing your website. If you encounter any problems with your website, you can always contact an expert person thru email or thru phone to help you find solutions to your problem. When I look for a hosting solution, this is is one of my main points, as you never know when you need to contact them, and to know that they are there for you 24/7 does give you a piece of mind.


" this refers to the amount of transferred files from your website to the visitor. Some webhosts limit the amount of information transfer in your website everyday. This means that if a certain photo or video in your website is downloaded by a client and it exceeds the allotted bandwidth provided by your web host, the provider may disable your website or it can charge you for the excess bandwidth.

Choose a webhost that will provide you with a high amount of bandwidth so as to allow clients to browse over your website and make downloads, thus increasing the interest and attention towards your website. Many webhosting companies may also offer unlimited bandwidth, but will still have a fair usage policy, familiarize yourself with the fair usage policy before committing to anything.


" usually the free web host companies make their money via adverts placed on their customers site and they usually impose this to their subscribers. Some web hosts require you to place pop-up advertising on the front of your webpage, banners across your webpage, or put advertising at the side of the web page itself. Setting up a new online business, you want to be promoting your product and services not someone else's, try to steer away from such solutions if possible, as you want to give your new business the best start, and want as many visitors to convert on your site, and not bounce off to another website due to an advert placed on your new site.

In choosing the right free web host you need to find a reliable provider or one that can be useful in your business on a long-term basis.  Remember that choosing the right or wrong one may define the success of your business. Having your own web host is like having your own business partner, someone to help you out with your business, someone you can trust " and one that you can benefit and profit from at the same time.

Above are just a few point I personally look out for, what factors do you look for in an hosting company, share your ideas with me in the comments below.