Everyone has had that heated debate with a friend, that ends with Google it!! Love it or loathe it, search engines have become the worlds 1st and regularly last stop for information.

Let us not all forget that prior to high speed internet, the main sources for information were TV, radio, print magazines, the newspaper, and of course the library.

Information is now transmitted faster than ever with media such as Twitter accelerating the pace of new stories, and regular Joes like me and you are the ones spreading the word.
Toronto experienced an earthquake at approximately 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time, June 23, 2010. Within hours, 90,000 mentions were racked up on Twitter.

The power of Twitter and other social media platforms can create inner network news. This gives businesss the capability to instantly break new to their followers. News can be as simple as sharing something personal about the company, sparking a discussion around the topic, making you the news! So not only is news now faster and more expansive, but everyone now gets a chance to share their 2 cents.


The reason I highlight speed is because that is how consumers have evolved. A great consumer experience has become more and more about the speed and efficiency of the service. You can have a far superior product, but if you have bad customer service and fail to answer your customers questions you will lose that customer. But increasing customer service and offering a kind of personal customer care can seriously increase overheads, I hear you say. If you want to hire a team of dedicated customer care staff, and invest in a coaching programme for sales staff, then yes it will cost you a lot of money. However, if you want to provide information to the consumer via your website, you can streamline the whole process. Deploying as unsuccessful strategy online can lead to accelerated growth which can be measure using a viral coefficient formula.

The Site

Creating a website and offering value is the first step to increasing your reach.

To put together a snazzy site, include details about your history, products and services, goals, and any other pertinent information. Then take the time to offer potential customers information on all of your products and services; statistics, testimonials, reviews, and of course a call to action. Make sure contact details (call to action) are on every product or service page!

Driving Traffic

So all your information is out there, and now all you have to do is wait, right?

Afraid its not that easy, you now have a great site, but you have to appease the Google gods.

You do this be using a variety of strategies to rank your website based on relevant keywords. So if you are promoting your new Hockey jerseys site, you are going to want to rank for some of the following keywords:

465763295_529876cdd5_m Hockey jerseys

NHL Hockey jerseys

Toronto Hockey Jersey

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Jersey

The 1st couple of steps for creating some links to your site:

Create some original articles regarding your industry, highlighting your unique product offering. You can embed some links in these articles and submit them to some publishing platforms such as E-zine.

You will need to pen a good description of your business, and include some of the keywords you wish to rank for. Description in hand, submit your site to directories around the web. The best judge of a directory power is the page rank.

You must also consider the page rank of the actual page you are submitting to, remember you are not going to be featured on the home page of the directory.

Its going to take time to reap the fruits of your labor. Ranking your site on page 1 for competitive keywords is a real challenge. However, it is a challenge with great rewards. Go back to the jersey

Example, how many more jerseys do you think you would sell when ranked in the top 5 for buy hockey jerseys? So what is the main driving force to you becoming an authority on Hockey jerseys?

Always remember a site without optimization is much like having the Worlds best soup kitchen in the middle of the desert. You have to position yourself to get found by your customers.

Content, Content, and More Content!!

To become an authority on Hockey Jerseys, continue to publish unique content on your site related to your niche. On the topic of hockey community and content jerseys you could write on what the jerseys mean for respective teams, and how to avoid counterfeit jerseys. There are endless ideas in each and every niche, and it is up to you to explore them in order to offer your customers more.

Take time to participate in forums, social networks, and discussions with hockey fans. They are your audience, and they will over time consider you an authority on Jerseys. You can forge relationships over Twitter that can lead to referrals.

Think about it, what is more rewarding than being the leader of your niche community? You can be the voice of wisdom that advises customers how and why to spend their money.

What next? - Brand Image

Following successful implementation of your online strategy, take it to the next level and continue to grow your brand image and awareness online.

After establishing a trusted network of followers, continue to offer them value. You will soon see that your followers will spread the good word to their friends. Here you can continue to grow and monitor your trusted fan base.

Think of the scenario of where you have 1,000 loyal followers. Their loyalty alone would result in a considerable revenue stream. If you can offer customer service, promotions, and special privileges to these loyal customers, they will help you grow your loyal customer base organically.


All your customers interact with the internet

Get involved - Create a website

Create content to drive traffic and become authoritive in your field

Use your industry knowledge and growing authority to create valuable and informative content for your target audience

Grow your community using all the wonderful tools of the internet

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize