A lead capture page is a unique webpage, usually known as "landing page". I prefer to call it with its technical name because I think it's more appropriate.

A good online marketing campaign is useless without a great landing page.

The main aim of a lead capture page is to persuade your web visitors to complete a certain action, driving them to a "conversion".

A landing page could have different goals, for example, you might want users to:

  • Subscribe to something (e.g. newsletter, competition, demo)
  • Buy something (services or products)
  • Register (e.g. become a registered user, register to a webinar)

Before starting to project your landing page you should have clearly in mind your main goal. The entire page needs to drive the user to complete the goal. It might sound very simple, but I assure you, it's very far from easy.

Lets start to get into details with a quick guide:

The Headline: One page, one objective with the KISS method

What are you creating your landing page for? Explain it to your users through your page headline using the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Page content: A few paragraphs to win your customer

Use bullet points and make sure your 4 or 5 most important benefits are immediately clear. You wont have many seconds to convince your user to do the next step, and the bullet points usually work pretty well.

Your page content is very important. You need to build your trust and explain what you are offering, without being too long.

Images: More powerful than words

Visual relation is more powerful than textual. Use images to explain, attract and convert.

Videos: Short and effective

Videos can make a landing page very effective. If you can, use them, but only if they can really add value.

Call to actions

Use arrows, visible buttons and strong call to actions. What do you want them to do? Remember the magic rule: "don't make me think!".

A/B Testing: Page ready? Not yet, test it against another version

You are almost there; your landing page is almost ready. Last little thing, before you launch it. Create a second version with some small differences to A/B test it!

I know I know, you were eager to see your page in action, but trust me, testing will help you achieve better conversion rates and learn more about your user experience.


Lead capture pages can change the destiny of your campaign. A good page can help, and extraordinary page can make you rich!