When the Community Manager Can't Get Through

Voicemail, again?

Has this ever happened to you? You take on a new client as a Community Manager. You're excited, they're excited. They call and Email you a couple of times a week, sending more photos, videos and information about local events than you can handle - and then they stop. Not only do they not call you, but they won't even respond to your Emails begging them for the smallest tidbit of local happenings that you can feature online.

What do you do then? You can share interesting news related to their industry, pop in a video from someone else's YouTube channel or post a photo of the client at a Holiday event from three years ago... But this tends to fall flat, particularly if this goes on week after week.

Being a Community Manager for a community that won't talk to you is a tough position to be in. Your results are going to be hampered by the lack of actual local information.

Rather than giving up and "firing" the client (you do enjoy getting paid, after all), stop nagging and try something new.

This method not only shows your existing fans that you are truly involved in and concerned about the community but also helps other businesses learn a little about you.

5 Steps To A Genuine, Engaged Profile

  1. You, as your business page, should already have liked several businesses local to the page, pages related by industry, and even competitor pages. If not, do that now - we'll wait.....
  2. Choose a page and check them out, looking for events you could feature, news you can use, or something for which you could compliment them. If, from time to time, you have trouble finding any of these items, find a business whose mission, values, or products you admire and simply applaud them for that.
  3. Get additional information as needed by viewing their "Info" tab and/or visiting their website.
  4. Get a related (and free) image from Microsoft and save it to your computer.
  5. As your business page, create a new status update, uploading the image and tagging the featured business' name in the description.

At the very least, the tagged business will be notified that you mentioned them. This could be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship, particularly if you feature them more than once, sincerely.

At best, you will gain exposure to a new set of eyes on Facebook, and maybe even new fans, as your post appears on the featured page's wall. On our very first experiment with this kind of update, someone who had never interacted with our page, but was a fan our our featured page liked our comment within minutes. BINGO!

A note of caution: Even if you're super excited to try this, don't post too often. Not only can it annoy your existing fans, but it doesn't look genuinely social - and isn't that the whole point?

Of course, your goal is to get the client to start speaking with you again so you can truly portray their unique social media voice. Perhaps as they start seeing the results, they'll get fired up again. When they do, you'll be ready!