Scheduling tweets may turn useful when you want to avoid overwhelming your followers with too many updates within a too short period of time. It doesn't mean that it may substitute regular "impulse" tweeting that always results in best communication - but scheduling is a great way to provide a constant stream of useful content to your followers.

Here's how I do that...

About once every couple of weeks, I will sit down and put together a bunch of tweets, links to share and general comments that are relevant to my account. I can usually come up with a few dozen, including links to past posts I want to re-share and so rotate from my archive.

Each of these is scheduled for certain times over the coming couple of weeks, so I only have to come up with one per day to keep up. It is much more manageable. If I find myself with something I want to post without wasting one of my scheduled tweets, I can easily cancel and reschedule that tweet for the day.

I have found a lot of ways to schedule tweets. Most people seem to use a tool like Tweetdeck or Hoosuite, but I failed with both: Tweetdeck had become useless after it was redesigned by Twitter and Hootsuite is surprisingly too slow and huge for me. I prefer simpler apps that get the job done, like the ones below.



This is a super simple app that works by having you login into either Facebook or Twitter on their platform. You will be given 140 characters for either, so I find it best for links that will be shortened prior to posting. It will keep as many as you like waiting, and then keep a copy of both sent and deleted statuses you have used through the site. It isn't the best, but if you want something really simple it will get the job done without any frills.



Don't feel like scheduling specific times for your tweets? No problem, just put them all in queue with Buffer and they will filter them throughout the day. They also have the service for Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can set it up for multiple accounts. There is an analytics service so you can keep track of how each post is doing and the progress of each account. Buffer is well integrated in WordPress as well. It is supported by major social sharing plugins out there and is mentioned in the list of best WordPress plugins at WP Beginner.



One of the listed features that always makes me laugh about this app is "running a time based scavenger hunt". That seems like a rather specific bonus. But there are other benefits to Twuffer. Set up scheduled tweets to either go out at specific times or through the day, set appointment reminds, alerts users to new blog posts or podcasts and more.

Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz

I would recommend this one for anyone who is looking for a wider marketing platform that is set around social media as a whole. Scheduling tweets is one of many features; and they allow to both set the exact time for your tweet as well as "buffer" them to be published regularly. The best part of it is that you earn credits each time you share anything and you can then spend those credits to get some help with your content sharing! Perfect!

Bonus: Tweriod


This app isn't technically a scheduler, but it is relevant and so I thought I would mention it. You can find out through this tool when the majority of your followers are online. Which is a great bit of knowledge to have, as it will allow you to schedule tweets for a certain time during the day when it is most likely to catch the eye of your friends list by showing up in their feed.

Do you have a scheduler that you enjoy using? Tell us what you like about it in the comments.