If you've looked around the Internet, one thing you'll notice is that marketing doesn't stand out the way it used to.

What was once considered marketing that would grab your customer's attention, and make them take notice, is now looked upon as spam and empty promises, so you'll buy their product.

People telling you that you can make $5000 from home every single day from home, or that you can lose 20 pounds of weight overnight don't seem to hold the same appeal (or weight, no pun intended) that they did 25 years ago when you first heard these promises and thought "wow" (now it's just a promise you've heard over and over that no one's yet lived up to, so your customer is already coming to you skeptical, and with their guard up).

Things in the world are COMPLETELY different than they were 20 years ago.

It's Time To Update Your Marketing For The 21St Century

If I asked you what a customer's biggest concern was, standing between them buying, or not buying your product, what would you tell me?

The length of your sales letter?

The compellingness of your opt-in offer?

How targeted your marketing is?

While all of these things are important, there's one thing that is the foundational key to making ANY of these other aspects of marketing work, and if you don't have this single aspect of your marketing down, nobody's going to want to buy from you, or pay any attention to you.

The Critical Element To Marketing Success

This one particular element to marketing has become a lot more critical to marketing success in the 21st century; it's more critical than ever before.

Can you guess what it is?

It's a simple five letter word.

That word is TRUST.

If a customer looks at your sales letters, your emails, or any aspect of your marketing, it doesn't really matter how long or short your marketing piece is, or how much "perceived value" you can create.

Think about if you read one sales letter talking about a weight loss program that promises the exact results you're looking for, but the writer uses so much hype, sensationalism, and fluff, that you begin to assume that he or she only created this program so that they could market it to make money.

The difference between two IDENTICAL websites (same sales letter and everything), with the only difference being you trust what one of the people is saying to you, is HUGE; how your customer perceives your authority has a lot more to do with your success than the content itself.

The Secret To Powerful Marketing

The problem is you try so hard to make your product look perfect that the reader no longer trust you, and what you need to do to build trust with your readers, is rather than using hype or sensationalism to try to get their attention, and play marketing games, rather than being open and honest with the reader.

So how do you market a product to a reader without turning your marketing into a "game" or a "gimmick"?

The answer is EDUCATION.

One of the things I've spent a long time studying is Apple's marketing strategy, and one thing I noticed less separates Apple, and has made them far more disproportionately successful than just about any other company in history, is that they market by NOT trying to convince you to buy anything.

Sound counterintuitive?

I'll explain.

What Apple does is, rather than trying to use hype, gimmicks, games, tactics, or manipulation to try to sell products, they just come out straightforwardly and honestly, and talk about what features makes their products the best on the planet, and they educate you on benefits those features create for you and your life.

And by not trying to convince you to want their products, as you learn more about the product, you convince yourself to want it, because you keep thinking about how it's going to make your life simpler, easier, and more efficient.

But because Apple educated you, you understand exactly why this product was created, exactly what the features are, and exactly how those features are going to benefit you.

Remember, the future of marketing, and the key to standing out, is not trying to use hype, gimmicks, or games; or to yell at the top of your lungs amongst 1,000 other identical looking websites hoping someone will notice you.

The way to stand out in the future, is to be the gold standard, to focus on enriching lives, and to gain customers naturally by adding value to their lives, and educating them in a way that makes them develop a relationship with you, and your products, and TRUST you to be someone who can guide them in their live, and get them whatever results they're looking for.