Although Pinterest has some similarities to other social networks such as the ability to share, like and follow, the site is its own unique community. Pinterest allows us to see a bit deeper into a person or business. It allows us to visualize what they like, what they hope for, what inspires them and much more. Basically, it allows you to see the personality of a person, business or brand.

In today's society, people aren't satisfied with superficial business relationships. They want to know the real person or people behind a business. To help customers get to know your business better, follow these tips for using Pinterest to make your brand more personable.

Show Your Company's History With Images

A great way to showcase your brand is to share your company's history through images. This helps establish credibility and trust by showing how long you've been around. Even if your company isn't particularly old, a few years of history can mean a lot of growth. Use humor and fun facts to show that you're proud of your company's past but still willing to evolve and grow.

Tell A Story About Your Employees

What better way to tell a story about your company or brand than by showing the world its most valuable asset your employees? Share pictures of employees at staff meetings, office parties, or "behind the scenes" doing their jobs. If you have permission, share a picture of your employees with their families or pets. Put a face (or many faces) to the brand that you love. Make sure all pictures of employees are respectful and appropriate.

Show Your Commitment To The Community

A great way to get local followers on Pinterest is to show what your brand is doing to build up the community. Share your favorite nonprofit organizations or causes. Share pictures of your employees and their families doing volunteer work in the community, participating in marathons, collecting food and so on. Show that you and your business care about others around you. Don't forget to repin photos of others and their charity work as well. This shows you care about the result, not just your exposure.

Highlight Your Customers

If you want to reach other customers, why not ask your current customers what they like about your brand? Feature a picture of your loyal customers along with a positive quote from them about your brand. Perhaps one of your best customers is a single mom who just went back to school, or a solider who just returned home. Highlight a new customer every week or month as an incentive for people to get to know your business better.

Share Content From Others

While it's tempting to focus only on your own brand, you should share content from others as well. This shows that you think of your followers as more than just customers; you think of them as your community.

You shouldn't withhold something that's useful to your community because you didn't come up with it first. Sharing content from others helps build trust and fosters relationships with other brands, too. Carefully select pictures, messages and other content that reflects the values of your brand. All of your pins should consistently reflect your business standards in a meaningful, visual way.

With Pinterest you can let both current and future clients and customers see the people behind your brands. You can help them forge an emotional, personal connection with your brand, leading to more positive feelings about you and your company. This can lead to higher sales, better word of mouth and other business benefits.