How To Use Your Analytics To Distill The Best Topics For New Posts

Finding topics for blog posts and social media posts can be really difficult for many individuals and small businesses. This is doubly true if you feel like you need to post every single day or multiple times throughout the week to keep the attention of your readers while finding new ones.

While posts related to your business or industry are always beneficial, there's one unique way to find out which topics are best. That's analytics - the statistics that measure how people view and how popular your blog or social media posts are.

If you're new to analytics that's okay - you can still use your statistics to help you. You won't need to become a computer geek, either!

Follow our basic tips for understanding how analytics can help you find the best topics for your blog or social media posts.


Check Your Page Views

All analytics dashboards allow you to check and see how many individual views each of your blog posts and pages gets. That means that analytics can basically tell you how popular a certain blog post is - especially when compared to other ones.

In many cases, analytics dashboards can be set up to show you the most popular blog posts in descending order. By setting your dashboard up this way, you'll be able to get an idea of which topics are most popular with your readers.

From there, you can try to base topics for new posts on what's been successful in the past - at least some of the time.

Look At Tags

Using your analytics dashboard to show your posts by the tags that they're given is a great way to group posts to see which ones are most popular. For example, you may have a group of blogs with a "how-to" or "D.I.Y." tag, and displaying all of these together in your dashboard can help you find out what category of posts is working best and getting the most readers.

Search Terms

Most analytics tools allow you to do a search to find out what users entered into their search engine before landing on your blog or a particular blog post. This can help you focus your content toward search terms effectively, while giving you new ideas for topics altogether.

Many analytics tools will also help you track how long and how many posts users spent on your blog after visiting your site via a search engine. In most cases, users that spend more time on your blog will become regular readers, so you'll want to take that into account as well.


Basing your posts on analytics data can help you keep your readers interested in your content while you find new readers at the same time. However, you do need to be careful not to bore your readers.

As you use analytics, you'll also want to sneak in some new topics and see how they fare. Of course, they should be related to the topic of your blog or company. You may find that mixing up your blog posts gives you even more readers on a regular basis.

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