How to Bring The Best Kind of Traffic to Your Online Store


Everyone wants Traffic. But not everyone really knows what Traffic they want, or why they want it. And many are very happy when they get one type of Traffic...

...But what they really need is another type of Traffic altogether.

I know a businesswoman with a Niche Market online store. She gets a lot of Traffic, and many people love to come by to leave Comments. She dutifully replies to each and every Comment, which takes up a great deal of her time. Yet she confides"not one who person who leaves a Comment"actually buys anything!

Shes getting a lot of the Wrong kind of Traffic, but virtually none of the Traffic she needs to profit from her business.

Google Organic Traffic for Your Online Store

bogart-drawingIf you are selling a product on-line, Organic Search Traffic becomes vitally important.

    Search Traffic
    ready to Buy

  • Search Traffic is highly Targeted
  • Search Traffic is Free
  • Search Traffic is Self-Sustaining

People who Search are people actively looking for your type of product. They are not looking for information for a school project or how to do something without spending any money. They're not there to chat.

Search Traffic is ready to Buy.

Or as Bogie would say in the movie, Casablanca, "Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon..."

Focus Your Activity for a Higher Return

If your Business website is new, it's important to understand that although getting Indexed by Google is easy, that doesn't mean they will send you Traffic simply because they know you exist and have neatly cataloged your pages.

By understanding what kind of Traffic results from specific activities, you can gain a much higher degree of control over the quality of your Traffic, and you can better tailor it toward your specific needs. Your investment of valuable resources will see a much higher return.

In our example above, the business owner spent a lot of time commenting at other blogs, which resulted in attracting lots of people coming by her site to Socialize.

For many bloggers, getting lots of people to leave Comments is the Goal. Lots of interaction and conversation is the sign of Success.

But an Audience that loves to Socialize is different from an Audience that visits specifically for the purpose of Shopping.

If your Goal is to make money, then you need visitors who are there specifically for the purpose of spending money. Your efforts in Traffic Marketing must be focused on your Targeted Buyers.

Google Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The method our business women used to get Comments does have a positive effect, so not all is lost.

When Google sees Traffic coming to your site, only then will they feel comfortable sending you Traffic.

I'm sure there will be people who will argue this, but I have been building sites for my own use since 1995, and I can put two different stores up at the same time:

  • Website #1 brings Google Traffic - I worked on my own to bring Traffic to this site, so I am rewarded by Google πŸ™‚
  • Website #2 sees NO Google Traffic - I did nothing myself to bring Traffic, so I am ignored by Google 😳

IMPORTANT: As soon as I brought Traffic to Website #2 myself, out of nowhere, Search Traffic begins showing up. πŸ˜› [Ed.: a rich get richer kind of thing, almost]

Let's Look at Results

Here are examples of two of my websites:

  • Website #1: 50% of my Unique Visitors have come from Google, and over 90% of those have come looking for my specific Products. The remaining 10% are Searching for my more general Content. This site has a lot of Original Content that is not specifically Product related. This Content drives Traffic on it's own via Twitter, Backlinks, Social Bookmarking, etc.
  • Website #2: 95% of my visitors are from Google, with over 90% of them searching for Products. This site has very little Original Content that is specifically related to the Product, and is a specialized Niche.

The Google Traffic comes without any more effort on my part. No Social Networking, no Advertising, no expenditure of Time or Money.

Once I got the ball rolling to generate my own Traffic, Google and others stepped in and relieved me of much of that responsibility, freeing my time to do more productive activities, such as Product Development and Site Creation.

Priming the Traffic Pump yourself is the First Half of our equation.

The Short Secret of the Long Tail Key Phrase

Everyone is fighting for that Top Spot on page one of Google. And one of the first things people learn is that getting that spot is easier if your Keyword has low competition. The problem with low competition is that hardly anyone is searching for your Keyword, so you don't really get much Traffic from it.

"It's easy to be Number One for a Keyword No One is Looking For"

Because that Top Spot is so competitive, Many small online marketers try for the Long Tail Key Phrase [How To Find and Target Longtail Keywords That Make Money?]. The small business has no hope of ranking high for the Keyword, iPad, with 529,000,000 competing results.

But the Key Phrase, iPad Black with Smart Cover, and 866,000 competing results may give you a better chance of being seen.

Fewer people will be searching for your Long Tail Key Phrase.

But what if you had Hundreds of Long Tail Key Phrases? Your Search Traffic could multiply exponentially.

On-Page SEO is Under Your Control

To get the Long Tail, you will want a lot of Content that is specific and detailed so its Relevance Factor is high. Your goal is to make each of your pages as easy for the Algorithms to digest as possible.

Your Product pages always contain a Description. Your Title must contain as much Description as you can cram into it.

Here is one of my Titles:

Sony VAIO VGN-UX380N Core Solo 1.33GHz 1GB 40GB 4.5 Touchscreen Vista Business Micro PC U1500

That certainly is a mouthful. But there is a lot of pertinent information there that can be touched upon by Searchers.

Also note that the Title is longer than the recommended 70 characters. This one is 94 characters. You usually want your Title to be readable and not cut off when viewed in the SERP, but here is a case where we break that Rule. This Title is not for the Reader as much as it's for the Google algorithm.

Here is the Search Phrase that was typed in to bring me Traffic:

sony vaio vgn-ux380n touch screen

I'm on Page One of Google for this Key Phrase. And yes, multiple people apparently typed that.

Now, multiply that kind of Product Description by Hundreds & Hundreds (and Hundreds) of highly descriptive pages and you can see the potential.

You don't need to fight your way to the Top for a highly competitive Search Term in order to get enough Targeted Traffic to make money. But you do need a lot of Relevant Content, which in the case of a store, would be Product Pages. These provide a lot of Food for Google to Feed their hungry Searchers.

But what if you don't have hundreds of Products? Create a Product Index Page that lists all of your Products"Long Tail Titles and all. And then include a paragraph detailing the Product even more. This can be the most important page on your website, and highly attractive to Google.

Now work to create Backlinks to that page. Hit every single site you can find with the ComLuv plugin, so you can link back to your Product Index Post. Whether ComLuv links are given much weight by Google is open to debate. But do it, regardless.

Also, you must create a separate Product Page/Post for EVERY variation of the same Product. (These should all be listed in your Index Page.) Include that Variable in your Title and Description. This can create many more pages of Original Content.

Long Tail Product Descriptions are the Second Half of the Equation.

Small Business Gorilla Warfare

A small business must fight the 800 pound Gorilla with Guerrilla Warfare.

You may never be a well-known name like IBM, but with the Long Tail Search Term, you can bring a goodly amount of Traffic to your site πŸ™‚

Make the Long Tail a central part of the marketing strategy for your Online Store!

Now it's YOUR turn.

Let's talk about your strategy

Leave me a Comment in the Box below, and we'll talk πŸ™‚

About the Author: Rick LaPoint

RickLaPoint has years of experience with Inside and Outside Sales & Marketing. He has developed software products with C++ for anticipating turning points for stocks, forex, and futures, and has given many live presentations teaching technical analysis skills. For more of Rick's Online Business Ideas visit his website.

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