6 Steps To Creating An Affiliate Website


There are basic things to consider before building an affiliate website. Once you understand the basic concepts of good preparation, these methods can be repeated time and time again when you create a new website or blog.

So why do we need to follow these guidelines? To rank well in the search engines, there are some easy, but specific things to apply first. The following will help you to not only achieve higher organic rankings for your keywords, but also encourage a more highly targeted audience. Google loves high quality, on topic content! After all, this is what they want - to provide their users with a great  experience when browsing. They want people to be able to find what they are searching for quickly and easily.

The first step is to find a profitable market. You need to bring together a few things in order to determine whether or not you have a niche topic worthy of creating a website around it. Dig more deeply into information about what people want, and if you can find an appropriate affiliate product or service to match. Remember, your key objective is to find what people want  - and give it to them via your website!

6 Steps To Follow Before Creating a Website

  1. Will people be interested in what you have to offer? A keyword tool will help you determine if there are enough people searching for the product or service you are thinking about selling. The free Google keyword tool is a great place to start your search. You can look at search results returning a high level of broad matches, or a lower amount of exact matches only if it specifically targets your target keyword phrase used in your site's title and or description.
  2. Google Insights is helpful for a general forecast of your keyword's future popularity. The benefit of using Google Insights is also to check which countries are searching for your keywords. Add a few possible keywords into the box to make a comparison of which ones are attract a higher search volume.
  3. Determine the competition for your keyword phrase in your niche. Are there many AdWords ads on the search results page?  If so, there is probably money to be made in this affiliate niche. This gets back to being successful - learn what other successful people do - and model off that!  Some people think it is better to avoid strong competition, but if you are patient and accept it may take a little longer to rank for the more competitive keywords, then this is not a problem. (This can also depend on whether or not you are wanting to build a large or small website). High rankings in the search engines may take time, but you will have a long term asset. Your affiliate website will grow stronger over time as your links spread around the internet as your site ages.
  4. Be sure you choose a niche that offers an affiliate program if you don't have your own product or service to sell! This seems basic, but can sometimes be overlooked in the excitement of finding a new hot niche or keyword for a domain name.
  5. Choice of domain name is also important when building an affiliate website. Along with an easily memorable name, you will need to decide on a domain name that preferably has the keyword in it. This is especially important for affiliate niche sites. The bottom line is - your Google rankings will be better with your chosen keywords in the title and description.
  6. Google and other search engines prefer domain extensions which are .com then either a .org or .net. They will outrank the other extensions most of the time.

These are the very basic building blocks before starting an online business. The Google help page will explain more about what the search engines are looking for when they index your web pages.

About the Author: Cat Kozar

I am interested by the constant and ever changing challenge of website SEO. In the quest for improving and adding value to the web, I enjoy sharing information about SEO and link building on my website at AffiliateMarketersCollege.Com

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