One of the most common issues that arises around SEO (and social media for that matter) is the fact that businesses small and large don't feel that they have the time or resources to create the great compelling content that Google wants in order to give you those high rankings in the search results. Often with creative thinking and a little bit of elbow grease (and I have to admit, some knowledge of the online tools that are available to you) you can turn one piece of content into many.

The obvious advantage of this is that it is less of a drain on your resources and subsequently the cost of running an SEO and Social Media campaign. With that in mind, today I am going to share with you the bones of a plan that I drew up for our company on how we could re-use some specific content we were producing. In this case it was based on some presentations that our director was giving at breakfast meetings covering the changes that Google has been making this year (there is loads!!).

You may want to chop and change and adapt but this is how we plan to re-use some of our work in the future:

  1. The breakfast meeting: these presentations are happening now, with more planned in the future. They are 1 hr long and given to people who run local businesses and are interested in Internet Marketing. These are companies that may be interested in our services in the future and just by giving the presentation we establish ourselves as industry experts - win 1!
  2. Video the breakfast meeting: The higher the quality the better, people are starting to expect a little more now, the good news is that quality equipment is cheap at the moment and easy to use. Make the sure the lighting is good and make sure you tape a few of them. You will now have an hour long, good quality video to use as the basis for you content and traffic plan - win 2!
  3. Get the full one hour video transcribed: Try Speechpad - they are cheap and have a fantastic turnaround. You now have some (not perfect) content - win 3!
  4. Get the videos edited down into 6 ten minute chunks (so that it can be used online and also is user friendly). There are plenty of free video editing programmes out there, there is no need to pay - try Microsoft Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, Wax and loads of others. You can also add basic titles and credits to your videos at this point (don't forget your URLs!!!!) - win 4!
  5. Get the videos hosted: I suggest that you use Vimeo first and make sure that your vids are closed off from the world and the search engines at this point. You should also make sure that you only allow embedding on the places that you want as this moment - win 5!
  6. Get the videos on Facebook: At this moment you need to make sure that you get the most mileage out of your work so you want to make it fan only content. For a guide on how to make Facebook Fan Gates head over to this post on our blog. Nothing works without a little promotion though so make sure you blog and tweet about it and slowly and surely (be patient!) you will be getting some more Facebook likes, which should now be on your radar as an important part of SEO - win 6! You can decide how often to put them up (you need not to annoy people but not let them forget you - I suggest 1 a week).
  7. Producing written content and links: Remember those transcriptions that you got of the hour long video? This where they come in; take those transcriptions and turn them into blog posts (I imagine you will get somewhere between 3 and 6 quality posts out of the transcription). Remember that you will have to doctor them - they need to read correctly and format them for the Internet (bullet points, SEO, number lists, a bit of humour and the human touch). You now have a bunch of posts that you can submit to blogs in your niche that accept guest blogging - win 7. For more advice on guest blogging go here, here or here. You now have a few more quality links to your site and more importantly you are getting your name and brand out there.
  8. Promote " again: Don't forget to gently promote your Facebook fan only videos again.
  9. Getting the videos out there: Some time will have passed now and the videos and Facebook fan only content will have run its course. Don't stop there you can still get some more mileage out of that one presentation. Make the videos publicly available on YouTube and Vimeo -make sure you adjust the settings. Make sure the videos for YouTube are optimised correctly and that you remember to include links in the description. Your videos can now appear in the search engine results, Universal Search rocks - win 8!
  10. Re-using the transcripts again: What else can we make? Take the transcripts and the blog posts that you wrote and reformat and rewrite them again. This time in the form of a white paper, format it and brand it and add some lovely graphics and charts make sure that is of the highest standard and something that you would consider downloading. For a few hours work you should have another fine piece of content, you now need to head over to Pay With a Tweet - the social payment system. To get some social leverage out of your content you make the pdf available to those that tweet about it - trust me it works and it is great way to further your brand (just make sure that the pdf is going to be worth the payment otherwise people won't be so eager to do it next time) - win 9!. If you are feeling really adventurous you need to see the blog post that the ever resourceful (and huge, massive content maker) Oli Gardner posted on Unbounce about an advanced version of this technique.
  11. Sit back for a bit and relax: When everything has died down you can use the content once more - as long as it was evergreen and not too time sensitive. Head over to viewbix, which is a great tool for pimping out your YouTube vids and branding them up. I recently wrote a guide about how to do this here. Write a blog post and include the pimped out vids and include the embed codes. People can take them away and put them on their blogs for more exposure and the readers of those blogs can click on the videos to get back to your site (although they do not have SEO value you will be able to see the value of the exposure) - win 10! If you want a cheeky workaround for getting do follow links from your YouTube videos check this out. how you can re-use one simple hour long breakfast presentation to help with your SEO, links, brand awareness, on site content, off site content, expert positioning, Social Media and improve your knowledge of online tools.

I sincerely hope that you can mold this into some kind of campaign for your business - hit me up if you have questions!