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New adventures are always hard to begin when you're having so much fun to begin with. My soujourn at Search Engine People has been exactly that - a fun, exciting and enriching experience that I will always cherish. That said, I'm moving on to the next big adventure in my life, where I'm sure there will loads more to learn and share alike.

I'll be working at a mid-sized foreign exchange trading firm as their lead internet marketing strategist, with a great deal of seo and social media thrown in for good measure. Despite being fairly young, I'm ready for the challenge and new experiences that await.

This post is one of many, and I certainly don't aim to have your valuable time spent reading a lengthy goodbye. Instead, I'm going to talk about some of the most important lessons I learnt as part of my role at Search Engine People, and a little about the company itself.

5 Brilliant Things I've Learnt About Search Marketing

  1. The industry is consistently transient! This means its an amazing space to play in for people that love fast paced work environments. In the future I certainly see many young entrepreneurs delving into search marketing, and considering it seriously as a career
  2. There's as much if not more marketing in SEO than pure technical skill. In fact, there's very little sustainable blackhattery involved, and the future is bright for those that employ transparent and ethical search marketing practices.
  3. The key players in the industry form a pretty close knit community, but there's more room to grow yet. With negative seo coming into play this year, our integrity as a search marketing community will be tested, but for our sakes I hope we choose the ethical route.
  4. Local SEO makes a lot of sense! Logically, it is the next big step for small businesses from print and radio or TV advertising. Although in its early adoption phase, its something to pay attention to in the months to come
  5. Finding a good boss is essential. Jeff and Jennifer have given me the freedom to learn and execute on client marketing objectives, and its part of many reasons I've been excited to come into work each day.

The Future of My Involvement in Search Marketing
This certainly isn't the last you'll see of me. In fact, far from it. Despite going from the agency side to the client side as an in house strategist, where things are generally quieter, I'm still going to be heavily involved in the search marketing community and on sites such as sphinn and stumbleupon. Heck - I'll even guest post on Search Engine People if Jeff requests it!

In the mean time , you can find me on Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Sphinn, and Twitter.

Focusing on the Win-Win
One of the first conversations I had with Jeff was around creating a win-win situation for all stake holders involved in a business relationship. At Search Engine People, we're pretty good at doing that for our clients, our very own employees, and of course Jeff, Jennifer and Tom Tsinas (the infamous!). It's a great place to work by any measure, and as I leave the feeling is bittersweet.

Parting Thoughts

I'll finish with what I started with - Work here has been so much fun that sometimes it hasn't felt like work at all. I think its important to Stay Hungry, and Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs, Stanford Lecture) while I'm at it, and in the long run I know that saying goodbye now is just another chance to say hello again.