The auditorium is packed with spectators there to cheer on their favorite contender!  In one corner, weighing in as the largest search provider the world has ever seen, with creative genius that seems to never falter, and a "the sky is the limit" develop and deploy stance that has seen them through to the development of robust search tools, you have Google - The search engine that would, could and did, also known as the search engine that will, can and does!

Fight The Good Fight
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In the other corner, weighing in as the largest software developer in the world and the company that made it possible for computers to be in everyone's home and office, and the producer of the most globally used operating systems, you have Microsoft - equally known for their develop and deploy stance, and their suite of industry standard office software products.

Over the din you can see that the crowds are completely enthralled with what their champions are about, and how these behamoths dance and counter each other in the fight for dominance as they step into each other's areas of expertise.  The die hard Googlites who are cheering on Saas initiatives by Google are clamouring together for the best view possible to watch a hard-line kick to Microsoft right in the software!  Could it be that Google has found the weakness that will propel them to the very top, and in fact perch them firmly in the position of world dominance - by providing free office software online (which is now starting to be functional offline)?

And the fans of Microsoft acknowledge the point, but know that Microsoft has been collecting demographic information over the Internet since the first Hotmail email address was created, and has turned their eye on to ad revenue possibilities.  Over a decade of demographic information, and an equally creative development team, and a budget like no other, Microsoft levels a punch at Google with the development of online/offline search tools to match and rival Google in every way, and a bid to buy Yahoo, which no matter how you look at it, is a massive intentional flex of muscle designed to frighten or warn.

Did it all start from a case of "you took my toy so I'll take yours"?  Maybe.  Is it a natural progression for each of these business models?  Yes, but only because each other exists.  Is it an even match?  I believe it just might be!

Fight the good fight
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They both fight the good fight and put up a great show, but it will ultimately be what they do for us and how we can benefit from it that will determine the true winner of THIS fight, in the end.

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The Doug
aka Doug Gebhardt