First of all, let's look at why it's important to increase Tweets on your blog posts. A tweet is considered a social signal that positively affects your domain authority. Then, as these tweets get re-tweeted your website gets higher exposure online. This, in turn, will likely result in higher traffic to your site. And if your site is optimized for conversions, then this traffic will result in calls, emails, sales. So, more post tweets equals more sales.

Now let's take a look at why people may tweet your post. If your audience likes your blog post they want to either share it with their network or just save it in their Twitter feed for future reference. This means that if your blog post provokes thought or shares value, then it has higher chances to be tweeted. So your primary task should be in creating blog content that delivers value and provokes thoughts.

Here's a number of recommendations to increase Tweets on your blog posts:

First, create content that is...

  • About on-going developments in your field. For example, a month ago you could blog about "Pinterset for Business" or today you can blog about "Facebook Business Pages as Timelines".
  • Useful guides that people can use in their work. Process posts have higher chances of being tweeted. For example, one of my most tweeted posts is a detailed process of how to SEO image files.
  • Original and provocative blog posts lead to people reacting and sharing. Being "sharp" in your writing and going against mainstream increases the reaction (not always in a positive way) and therefore results in higher post tweet numbers. For example, you can talk about ways why Google being evil and what it means for average users.
  • A collection of resources. By linking to external relevant sites in your blog posts you increase its value. This way your posts become small research pieces which makes people tweet an article for the sole value of relevant link collection in your blog post.

Second, make sure you use the right tools... simplify tweeting your blog post. If you use CMS like WordPress, consider installing widgets like AddThis or ShareThis. This sharing bar will allow your visitors to simple share your post on Twitter as well as a great number of other social communities. By no means I suggest these tools as the best ones but I hope you get the idea of functionality. Or You can always hard-code these sharing buttons into your blog / page templates.

As for where to position your sharing buttons in your post, I recommend testing. I don't have statistical data to state that sharing buttons at the top of the article work better than those at the bottom. So, feel free to start with both, then test what performs better ( you can do it by tagging individual buttons and tracking through Google Analytics).

I hope this post makes sense and brings value. If you find this post valuable please consider tweeting and sharing it to bring the value to others. I'm sure I missed something so feel free to add your experiences in comments below.

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