Social sharing is the buzzword of this online generation as options to Forward To A Friend, Share With Social Network, and other forms of sharing content with an online users social group continue to increase in popularity. SEO experts can improve the distribution and reach of their websites by placing social bookmarking buttons and links within the content of their email newsletters. Understanding how to best integrate social media with email newsletter content can provide the greatest level of SEO advantage.

Comprehend The Motivation To Share


Online users share content for a variety of reasons including:

  • Self interest or reward " They share because they want to be rewarded with discounts, coupons, vouchers, or sweepstakes winnings.
  • Participation " Sharing helps them believe that they are contributing to their social circle.
  • Validation " They share to pass along items of value to others in the expectation that their recognition or status in that group will increase.
  • Conversation " Providing alluring content can act as a conversation starter which helps them integrate into the social circle and acts as an ice breaker to engage with persons of interest.

Create Content Worth Sharing


The content itself has to have an essential set of values which make it shareworthy:

  • Straightforward " The content is simple to understand and direct.
  • Trustworthy " The source of the content is well known and reputable among the online community.
  • Simple & easy " The links and buttons which allow sharing are easy to locate within the email newsletter and simple to use.
  • Tribal relevance " The content directly engages the tribal groups which exist among the email newsletter subscriber base.
  • Affinity " The content should target the correct social networks that have the right affinity for the subject matter among their participants.
  • Value " The content has to have a direct and measurable value when shared.
  • Incentives " The advantages of providing rewards and other incentives can be a powerful motivation to share the content with a social group
  • Quality " Great content will always find appeal, so producing the highest quality of content which is accurate, properly written, and unique will help the sharing process.

Continually Test & Refine


Testing is a necessary part of any email marketing newsletter campaign, and these elements should be tested on an ongoing basis to obtain the important information needed to refine and segment the content properly:

  • Virality " There is no precise guideline on what makes a message go viral, so ongoing experimentation is the best way to find out what works for your subscribers.
  • Narrowcast vs. broadcast " The content that works best for your readers may be either broadly horizontal or narrowly vertical in focus.
  • Writing style " Some audiences react better to a style of writing that is very plain and straightforward while others prefer more descriptive or academic styles.
  • Headlines, subheads & pullquotes " Your content can be more dynamic by breaking it down into smaller pieces and using various headings, captions and quotes to pull in the reader.
  • Link positions & types " The link type and position can have a strong effect on your audiences usage rate. Moving the links around and trying different types such as buttons, banners, or inline links can help you zero in on your readers preferences.
  • Font " Certain fonts appeal to certain groups, with serif generally being termed more readable than sans serif types. Font sizes are also important as larger fonts are preferred by older audiences.

A powerful amount of SEO value can be added onto any of your websites through the integration of a proper email and social media marketing strategy. Using these tips will help your SEO efforts reach the next level.