This is not SEO-related really, but well, I just don't have anything to say about SEO today. Instead, let's talk about discounts. A few weeks ago, I ordered a laptop bag from ebags. After I placed the order, ebags thanked me by giving me a 20% off special link for the next time I made a purchase. I eventually deleted that email, but never emptied my trash, so that email was still around.

Last night, I decided it was time to buy some new luggage, especially since my old luggage got a little messed up on the trip PubCon Vegas. So, I went to ebags again, and found a couple of pieces I liked a lot that were already 10% off. I then remembered that 20% off email, and dug it out of the trash. I placed my order and realized I'd saved an additional $18 because of that link.

Then, as I'm checking out, I see that if I use Google Checkout, I would get yet another $20 off the total. Woot! So, I quickly signed up to Google Checkout, and my total savings was $38 plus whatever the 10% off was for the ebags sale.

Now, I don't know about you, but I love saving money. And my savings on that purchase was pretty substantial. I'll probably return to ebags again and again whenever I need a product that they offer. Why? Because they made me happy. Are you making your customers happy? Just a thought...