If you don't participate you don't have my attention.

In 1997 Michael H. Glodhaber said that this new, fast-paced time in which we live brings with it a new type of economy: the attention economy.

"What counts most is what is most scarce now, namely attention."

If a commercial is broadcast and no-one pays attention, does it make an impact?

Attention Requires Participation

People will pay attention to anything said about you and your company.

If you're not participating, you willingly give up mindshare and fail to influence.no-participation

This picture is true too when you blog without participating.

Unless you're a celebrity like Katie Holmes or even David Allen, you can't get away with isolation: you need to "talk" about others in your field, link to them, comment on them.

You have to participate.


Attention = Money

Once you have attention you can do anything with it. You can influence, set the agenda, raise a call to action, start a meme, make or break a startup company -- make money.

"...money now flows along with attention, or, to put this in more general terms, when there is a transition between economies, the old kind of wealth easily flows to the holders of the new."
-- The Attention Economy

Participation is Your Attention Investment

Without participation there is nothing attention can buy.


People are listening but no-one is talking. And no, your corporate about page on your web site doesn't count.

If we're in a room together and I'm paying attention to what you think ... but you're not talking with me, the conversation falls flat.

The flipside of the Attention Economy is the Participation Economy.


In order to exist in the attention economy, you need to participate.

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