When it comes to your Website and online marketing, do you feel like you are just checking stuff off a list? This blog says to do this, I picked this up at a conference so we better do that too. You know the drill. The companies, politicians, average Joe, etc that get recognition are not the ones that follow the rules so why are we all jumping off the same bridge?

In the book Blink by Malcom Gladwell, Van Riper (A Lieutenant General that is now a retired officer of the United States Marine Corps) says:

You know, you get caught up in forms, in matrixes, in computer programs, and it just draws you in. They were so focused on the mechanics and the process that they never looked at the problem holistically. In the act of tearing something apart, you lose its meaning.

Van Riper is speaking about war and some of you might feel that you are engaged in an online war. In war, you cannot be predictable. Predictable is exactly what most companies are being. You'll hear people talking about the need for links, buying them, if they have to. What we should be hearing is, how do we get websites to talk about us and our product/service? That was the intention of links. Now that we have torn them apart, they have lost their meaning.

This has also happened with Twitter accounts, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. Is no one concerned anymore about their customers? What do your customers and target market want? Maybe they do want an online community in which to voice their opinions but maybe they don't. Just because a blog tells you that every website needs a blog, doesn't mean it is true.

This reminds me of the transition from custom-made clothes to ready-wear clothing. Yes, it is cheaper and faster to produce and buy ready-wear clothing but custom-made clothes will always look better and be more flattering. This is the same for SEM and SEO. Sure, there are certain things you can tell everyone, like a pair of pants needs two leg holes but that is obvious. If someone is short, you don't want to be making them capris because they will look even shorter.

Many people have no idea how to market their company and website. If you are one of these people, hire someone to help tailor a custom campaign for you. Yes, it will cost more upfront but it will pay off by producing results. However, beware of people who will try to convince you to have a blog and give you no reason, except everyone has one. Come up with something utterly unique by:

Looking somewhere other than your competition
Copying you competitor is not going to do you any good. It just makes you look desperate.

Knowing more information is not always better
Sometimes too much knowledge can keep you from making a decision. If you read every SEO blog out there, you are going to get confused with the plethora of conflicting opinions.

Not over thinking it
By dissecting everything, you really do lose the meaning. Content is King because good content facilitates conversions, loyalty and community. Bad content does none of those things. Give me 5 solid pages on a website any day to thousands of pages of awful grammar and useless information.

Now get out there and be unique!

Megan Slick

Megan Slick is a freelance SEO copywriter. If you would like to read more of her writing, check out her SEO Copywriting blog.