Credit: Nike & Yusef Hadi

Don't Take 'Search' Too Literally

SEO's, here's my call to you - Don't take the "search" in Search Engine Optimization too seriously. As SEO's (novice, intermediate, or advanced) we have a tendency to be deeply involved in our industry happenings, which can sometimes take away focus from the real reason our industry exists. Bringing visibility to clients or self-owned sites requires much diligence and talent, so the majority of your time is better employed at implementing what you already know than reading about new information.

Much of what is said about search engine optimization are educated guesses, as no one has (or probably ever will) been able to crack major search engine algorithms. I say this with full confidence, as I accept that as SEO's we can affect SERP's to a great degree, but cannot guarantee them.

That said, I've come to the conclusion that 2008 should be the year of less reading and more execution. Of course, with the number of feeds and blog posts I read through everyday, I'd be guilty for not taking my own advice. Our ratio of absorbing industry related information to actually executing our new found knowledge is too low for comfort, and as such I am adopting a JDI philosophy towards search in 2008.

Just Do What?

A trained soldier is a killer weapon for any battalion, and as seasoned search engine optimizers, you are equipped to follow search engine best practices to dominate the SERPs. For those that are new to search marketing, learn along the way but define a clear point in time where theory ceases and practice begins. Accredited institutions and SEO training options are few and far between, and so most industry experts have built up their authority by doing more than just talking about SEO. Here are 5 quick steps for the 5 day work week to implement what you read:

  1. Monday Mania: With the bulk of pillar posts being published early on in the week, Monday evenings are a great way to catch up on industry news, tactics and strategies
  2. Tuesday Totterings : You've read a lot of content since last evening. Now its time to prioritize the best pieces of information, and create an actionable list of things to do from all the great things you've learned.
  3. Wednesday Wonderings: Wednesdays are perfect for pondering your next move in implementing strategies that will achieve a competitive advantage in the SERPs. Got that wicked way of driving referral traffic from desktop widgets? Or maybe you're thinking of utilizing video marketing to attract more visitors? Now's the time to think ahead of the competition.
  4. Thursday Thunder : Execute.Execute.Execute! Grab a coffee and prepare for an all-nighter 🙂 . I promise you, you'll be dead tired by the time you finish working in the wee hours of the morning, but heck, you'll feel darn good about yourself. Time to give yoursef a pat on the back.
  5. Friday Finesse: Time to top off your SEO workings with style. Track your progress through the week and account for achievements and make plans to fill gaps in your workflow. I would go into two more points regarding Saturday and Sunday, but that'd be information overload.

A humourous take at planning, organizing, and executing perhaps. But get this - it works 🙂 You can formulate your own mantra to success, but the key is to employ a results oriented focus to everything you do related to search. Later this week, I'll be blogging about Goals, Objectives, Plans, Strategies and Tactics (GOPST) that will flowchart ways to streamline your search marketing efforts.