Last Exercise in the What is Your Site About Series

Hopefully, some of you have gotten some use out of the mental exercises I've asked you to go through this week. I do think it is important that you consciously determine what the core aspect of a site (or page) is, and then make sure that core aspect is well represented on the page and in the SERPs. So often, we don't consciously make the effort to think about it, just assuming that we know what the message is, and assuming that the message comes through. But we are often surprised that our users and visitors disagree with us! So, even if you've participated in my little challenges this week, and even if you feel satisfied that you achieved representation of your core messages, I dare you to take it one step further.

Ask your users. Just something simple such as "Please tell us in 10 words or less, what you believe this site is about" would go a long way towards either verifying your position or surprising the heck out of you. Set up a form or just ask them to email you. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, and you don't have to force every user to answer it. Even a few might be enough.

Now, in light of this, I'm going to ask you a question. Frankly, I'm not interested at the moment about what you think SEO Scoop is about, so I'm not going to ask you that question. I am, however, doing some mental exercises for another reason, and this exercise meshes well with those, so I'm going to ask you, my readers, to answer the following question instead:

How would you describe me in one sentence? Start it off with "DazzlinDonna is..." and see where it goes from there.

And no, I'm not looking for the best bottom-kissers, but for an honest assessment of me. It is up to you whether you choose to assess me based upon my profession, my skills, my personality, or any other aspect you choose. I don't want to lead you in any way. You decide what you believe is the best sentence to describe DazzlinDonna. As I said, this is part of another exercise I am doing, and I would appreciate your participation in this one as well. And hey, if I can ask for this, then don't tell me you can't ask your users about your own sites! 😀

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