Not getting enough leads?

I know it's really hard to generate new business leads and it's even more frustrating when you are spending lots of money and time to drive traffic to your small business website.

If this is the case with you then I am pretty confident that following tips will help you to increase your conversion ratio.

1 Decide Your Website Conversion Goal

Do you want your customers to call you or send you an e-mail by filling one of your contact form?

We are living in a tension based society and it seems like no one has time to think.

Don't leave any guess work for your prospects, when every business is looking to get the attention of the people using phone calls, e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook and probably thousands of others ways.

Take the guess work out of the equation and tell your customers very clearly what do you want them to do on your small business website.

2 Be Clear of Your Target Audience

Targeting every one is basically equal to targeting no one.

Be specific about your target audience and talk to them in their language.

For example if you are a realtor and running a real estate lead generation website, you must be talking to home buyers and sellers in their language.

Avoid using industry jargons as much as possible. Keep it simple.

Talk to them about their problems and needs related to your local area not about world's economic situation. When you do that you will connect with your prospects on a personal level and chances are you will also get higher search engine rankings in your local area by doing that.

3 Website Development Platform

To me this is huge.

This is basically a land / foundation where you will be building your empire. My favorite website development platform is WordPress and I believe this is an excellent Website and CMS platform to full fill most of the small business website requirements, because:

  • You can manage your website really easily without the help of a coder
  • You can enhance your website using plugins
  • WordPress websites usually get indexed in the Google pretty fast
  • Lots of other handy features to enhance your website

4 Website Design

Don't try to invent the wheel if you are not a graphic designer yourself or a born artist.

You can waste countless hours and $$$'s once you are caught in the ideal website design thing. Most small businesses should concentrate on the back end working of the small business website than just a design only.

Your conversion ratio will be lot higher if you have a clean website design and your website copy is talking directly to your prospects without any distractions.

5 Content

Following are the most important pages for majority of the small business websites:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Us

First of all you must have all the above pages on your website as bare minimum and secondly make sure these pages are easily accessible through your main navigation.

6 Capture E-mails

Most of us work really hard to drive traffic to our small business websites. If you have done that, you know how hard it is.

If you want consistent traffic then you should make sure that you have an option form on your website to capture the e-mail addresses of your visitors. This is the only way you can generate the repeat traffic without spending money all the time.

7 Social Media / Community Building

Here is a million dollar tip.

You must use social media channels to:

  • Drive traffic back to your website or blog
  • For social proof

Place social media icons on your website or blog in a way that your website visitors can't click and go to social networking sites.

Do a quick check on your website or blog, if people can click and fly to social networking sites, then you are facing a traffic leak problem.

Fix that asap to see better results.

I am really confident that your conversion ratio of SEO and social media marketing efforts will improve by implementing these easy things.

Let me know what do you thing about these important points in the comments below.

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