"Recent research in the science of decision-making has shown that too much information can lead to people making objectively poorer choices, choices they later regret.

The research has shown that an unconscious system guides many of our decisions, and that it can be sidelined by too much information.

It also shows that the incubation of ideas needed for true creativity [...] becomes increasingly difficult when information just keeps pouring in."

-- "Are You Smothering Your Brains True Genius?",  Susan Reynolds

1. Business: Research. Decide.

Following 80+ SEO blogs may keep you in the loop but it's not the same as being informed.

When you need to figure out something, go to your trusted sources. Research. Finish. Percolate the information. Decide.

Devour information by pulling it in when needed versus consuming information because it was served to you.

2. Design: Single Focus


Present one product, clearly.

Sell it.

3. Writing: One Idea

Make what you write matter. Stick to one idea per post.

4. Editing: Cut

Be brief.