Have you lost touch? A question we should all ask ourselves during the holidays. Just kidding. Must be the copious amounts of wrapping paper, ribbons and cards talking. I'm not jaded...What I mean is have you lost touch with your customers? Do you know any of your customers or are you holed up in some brick and glass building away from humanity? If this is indeed where you are, it is no wonder you have lost touch. Break FREE!

One of the most refreshing things I do when writing for clients is to talk to their clients. I love doing this and wish I could do it more. People like to talk. It's amazing. I sometimes forget how easily interviews go and begin nervously over preparing. Then I get on the phone and they talk. I learn so much; it is magical.

The copy that come from talking to people is always the easiest to write and the most rewarding. It speaks to potential clients in a way that I could never do by myself. The personal connection shines through the written words. People desire connection. Potential customers are able to connect by reading about someone's relationship with your company and products.

Reaching out not only creates new relationships, it strengthens the one you have with the customer you are speaking to. The one lovely human being you talk to knows many, many people. When people are shone the least bit of attention, they shine with excitement. It is so rare that a company will reach out to their clientele that you are certain to be talked of to every person they know. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful but we seem to have trouble sparking it. Showing attention to customers will spark it.

How can you connect with customers?
1. Understand the power of questions.
2. Understand the power of listening.
3. Make a list of questions that lead to open-ended conversation and use them whenever you get the chance.
4. Have a contest & highlight the winner in a blog post or newsletter article.
5. Randomly call one client a week and ask them your questions.

With the information you glean from customers, write. Write about about the things they tell you.