There is one thing that I have learned over the years as I have online business models " there are very few shortcuts and a lot of learning in this business. Internet marketing is not rocket science but there are some very basic truths to beginning this career and if these truths are ignored, you will end up like thousands of others who have tried and failed at this endeavour.

Let me share with you the basic truths that I have uncovered in the years I have been working in this business called online marketing. If you take the time to do some basic up-front work on these truths, I can guarantee that you will be much closer to your goals then most people in this business.

Think of your business like having a surgical procedure. The preliminary work to get towards that procedure is just as important as the procedure itself and the probability of a better and more productive outcome is greater when the proper steps are taken toward that goal.

Take each of the below items seriously because in the end, your time and effort will be well rewarded.

What Are You Good At?


By really drilling down and understanding what you are good at AND enjoy, you will be more likely to stick out the rough times when your efforts are not consistently rewarded. Persistence is a definite quality you must have in this business so you must like what you do.

Before getting started in a new business, think about what you enjoy most in life. If you were left on a desert island with food and water and you were given 5 things to take with you, what would they be? Write these five items down as fast as they come to your head. Look at the list once it is written. If for example you write " 1. My Cat 2. Computer 3. Cell Phone 4. Pizza 5. Underwear.

Each of the items on this list have an essence of something you really, really enjoy in your life. If you just can't do without your cats, your online business may have something to do with organic cat food. Does life stop if you don't have your cell phone? Perhaps an online service as a virtual assistant is your calling where you can use your gift of organization and communication.

How Much Time Are You Willing To Spend On Your Business?


If you have about an hour or two to spend on your learning/building business efforts, be sure to carve out that time daily.

Treat your business with the respect it deserves and let no-one interfere with it's success. If your dreams are important to you, negotiate that time with your family. Tell them how important it is for you to have this time to build a solid financial foundation for the family.

Be sure you have your own definition of success etched in your brain. Helping those close to you understand that your ventures are closely associated with how you feel about yourself will assist them in warming up to what you are trying to accomplish.

Limited Funds? So What!


Every business venture requires some capital but if you have little or no funds to start an online business, you will be surprised how creative you can become if you don't have much money to invest.

For example, there are business' that offer free or cheap website hosting, free or cheap blogging platforms, free business cards, etc.

You don't need a lot of money to start.

Being resourceful has it's perks down the line.

Support From Family and Friends " It Can Be A Deal Breaker


If your online business takes time, money and effort, your friends and family will notice how much time you spend on the computer. One of two things may happen " they will start throwing darts at your plan OR try and help you toward success. Dart throwing seems to be a formidable truth to many people who do not understand the efforts it takes to start a home based business. These dart throwers just don't seem to get it.

After talking with friends and family about the importance of your endeavours, try and surround yourself with people who support your efforts. During the down times, you are going to need them. Rome wasn't built in a day AND it wasn't built by one person. Seek out like-minded people....they will help push you through rough times.

Don't Over Analyze The Process


Once you have decided on what type of online business you would like to start, find an internet marketer who seems to have the business model course that best fits where you want to go. There are so many gurus out there but, there are many marketer's who truly want to help others' succeed at this business. You can tell who they are but it takes times.

Try and find one or two marketers who have business models you want to follow " and stick with it. Don't be hopping from one system to another. If the system you are working on does not work, try and analyze why it isn't working, tweak the process and system for yourself and build your own system in that process. That is what I have done.

Analyze your process but don't over analyze it as well. Paralysis will get you no where. Be confident in what you are learning.

Making money online is not difficult but it does take a boat load of effort, persistence, know-how and savvy. Unfortunately, the pieces of the puzzle that are missing for success are staring a person right in their face " and they don't notice it. Don't let this be you.

Good Luck!