Links is what makes search really work the way it does: effectively.

Reciprocal links were all the trend, once.

"A reciprocal link directory if a vital part of having a good Google page rank. However there are ways to make it a useful and important part of your website for reasons other than a high ranking in the Google directory."

Paid links became a fashion; did you know that before 2005, most of the time when people wrote or spoke about "paid links" they were talking about PPC?

"Google allows advertisers to bid for placement of paid links that appear when certain key words are entered on its sites."

Standards like directory submission and article syndication.

"Write good content [.] Directory listing [.] Article submissions"

But in a world where Google can claim it has basically said not to buy links since 2003 and can be iffy on just how juicy linkbait is allowed to be, seems to me the days of tricks are over <mentally insert halo over head image>.

So. Here's what I propose we do.


Instead of people copy and pasting your content they now have to link it.