blog1. How To Write The Most Optimal Social Media Status Updates

How can we save time, and prepare status updates for social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

"The answer becomes less about tools and scheduling and more about starting with a firm base for content, and composing in a style that is relevant to your audience and the specific social platform."

2. Building Links with Twitter: Collection of Best-Working Tips

Are you tweeting a lot and feel guilty of spending your time chatting instead of working? Here's the idea for you: build those links while chatting!

"#2. Find Journalists to Be Cited"

3. 5 Cool Twitter Stats

"Contrary to what you may expect, self promotional updates " especially in the form of links to the thing you worked on " are among the highest valued on Twitter, beaten only by questions at #1 and information sharing at #2."

4. Facebook Timeline For Brands & Businesses Factsheet

Facebook Timeline is a new page format or page layout initially introduced for personal profiles.

"Your investment in social content gets a potentially higher ROI because of the longer half-time of the content."

5. 5 Fun & Fringe Twitter Tools

These Twitter tools do genuinely useful stuff but less people know about them. That's fun. Oh " and some of these tools are just that: fun.

"Followfriday Helper -- Don't miss recommending your best buddies on Twitter; the people that actually interact with you and/or retweet your material."

6. 7 How To's I Learned About Pinterest

"How To Track Pinterest Traffic In Google Analytics? How To Block Pinterest On My Site?"

7. Targeting Your Local Market with Twitter

"One of the most amazing tools out there for us to use when it comes to figuring out the local market is Twitter. Below, I have listed out a few ways that I target a local market, despite the fact that I may live 500 miles away."

8. How To Increase The Number Of Tweets Of Your Blog Posts

"...if your blog post provokes thought or shares value, then it has higher chances to be tweeted. So your primary task should be in creating blog content that delivers value and provokes thoughts."

9. How To Check Local Rankings And Dominate Local Search

"Since Google started blending results (and the dreaded ongoing personalization of the SERPs) it has become more difficult to accurately work out where you rank month on month."

10. Die Hard S.E.O.: Search Marketing for Underdogs

"In search marketing, we are all up against giants. This post is about doing more with less. Its about how to be the underdog and win. Its about being the Bruce Willis of search marketing."