How Successful Marketing Managers Stay Informed? Podcasts And Google+ Hangouts

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media Offers A Marketing Managers Guide For Podcasts And Google+ Hangouts for Search Engine PeopleIt's a fun day in marketing when your product or service is looking spiffy, and you're staying ahead of your competition. It is also awesome when you can step away from the laptop or mobile.

Am I right?

Here, you can just....listen. 🙂

Similar Yet Different: Podcasts And Google+ Hangouts

Podcasts are great to subscribe to on your mobile phone app and listen when you have breaks in your day like driving somewhere, waiting for appointments, or even standing in the check-out line at the grocery store. Some refer to this as "grouting your day," with inspirational moments.

With podcasts, you are usually listening on your own, on your own schedule, and at your own pace. It is most likely a solo experience.

Google+ Hangouts are becoming even more popular, and unless you are listening to a re-play, quite often you are watching and listening with others.

Google+ Hangouts also offer other benefits:

  • Meeting people of similar interests.
  • Networking with experts.
  • Communication and learning through comments on the Google+ event page.

From the viewer and listener point of view, of course.

Podcasts And Google+ Hangouts For Marketing Managers - Resourceful Real Life Opportunities

As noted above, Podcasts and Google+ Hangouts offer variety to the typical - even boring - reading of materials to stay educated in your field. A possible bonus: You can listen or watch both of these at your own pace, and even for pleasure.

The list below, offers solid opportunity for learning, and also connecting with real life experts and even your peers. Like having fun at work!

A Marketing Managers Guide To Podcasts And Google+ Hangouts

GPlusLunchBunch (#GPlusLunchBunch) Google+ Hangout with Ray Hiltz

Keri Jaehnig showcases Ray Hiltz's #GPlusLunchBunch Google+ Hangout On Air For Search Engine People and it's audience

image credit: Ray Hiltz's NewRayCom

The Google+ Hangouts sprung out of Ray's email list community. He wanted people to network , as they had an interest in Google+ in common, so he began a regular (non-recorded) Hangout weekly to exchange ideas about Google+ and social media marketing in general.

This evolved to a Hangout On Air (HOA) which is very much like an afternoon TV talk show. Ray has panel regulars who join him in discussing topics from Google+, obviously, to website security and "Holacracy."

As a former entertainer, Ray's a great Hangout host! He instantly makes you feel comfortable and you are drawn in to the topic of the day. Hang out with him often enough, and you may even find yourself on a panel!

It was hard for Ray to choose a favorite of his G+ Hangouts as he feels there are so many great shows (there are). One of his favorites is with Mark Schaefer, "Why Are We Failing Social?"

Regarding the Google+ Hangouts On Air, "It's a great branding and networking opportunity as the comments on the event page are integral to the dynamics of the show," Ray explains.

Hangouts are Tuesdays during lunch, ET. And you can follow the #GPlusLunchBunch hashtag on your favorite social network.

The HOA's Google+ Page with 9 most previous episodes | Ray's NewRayCom YouTube Google+ Hangouts Playlist

SteamFeed Radio Podcast with Gerry Michaels (Gettysburg Gerry)

Keri Jaehnig Of Idea Girl Media showcases SteamFeed Radio as a resourceful podcast for Search Engine People and its audience

image credit:

SteamFeedRadio is a featured blogtalkradio show. It is also the audio on-air arm of SteamFeed, a multi-author blog featuring content from real-life working professionals offering actionable advise in their fields of business. To sum it up, each podcast is like an "audio post" with live comments.

SteamFeed Radio explores the world of social media, and how it relates to the business world. Hot topics, top social media personalities, great reviews of the latest apps and platforms fill their airwaves each week. Championed by Gerry Michaels (@GettysburgGerry), and other SteamFeed-ers, they invite you to join them, connect, engage and enjoy.

As former guests of the show will attest, their podcasts are fun and casual conversations that can cover an important point.

Gerry shares: "I love talking to a panel of guests getting various opinions, and knowledge, as well as getting in depth with a single guest. There is so much out there for all us to share and learn. It is a fun outlet. I do this show to help spread knowledge for the in depth marketer, social media professional as well as the beginner. There is always a bunch of new stuff I learn. I love talking about marketing, social media and tech, and I really enjoy people. For me it a labor of love...."

Listen in to SteamFeed Radio | You might enjoy this episode on Instagram and Social Media Mentoring

Jess+Scott+You Google+ Hangout - with Jessica Dewell and Scott Scowcroft (and YOU)

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases Jess+Scott+You as a Google+ Hangout On Air that would interest marketing managers for Search Engine People

image credit: Jess+Scott+You

Jess and Scott are business owners that like to search out information and share what they find. Their sole objective is to help you use new media and digital strategies successfully in your business. They also genuinely want to connect with you!

While their Google+ Hangouts Page is creatively designed, and their Google+ Hangouts On Air video intro is expertly crafted, this duo is super friendly and hospitable! Jess and Scott roll out the red carpet, and then have FUN with guests deep-diving into current topics marketing managers would be curious about. You'll be having so much fun, you won't realize you're learning.
Favorite episodes of theirs are "Happy Earth Day," and "Amplify Your Impact," so look for those at their Google+ Page and YouTube channel.

Why does Jess do the Google+ Hangouts On Air? "Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm all about finding and showing people's sparkle. Giving people a way to use video in an easy-to-use format (like being a guest on our show) gives a new type of content that can be purposed into oh-so-many things and that's who I am: a purposer."

Their invitation is simple: Come hang out to network, meet great people, and take away informational nuggets to stash for another time, or use immediately.For those hip to evenings, this one is ideal! Google+ Hangouts On Air are Tuesdays, 10:15pm ET.

Peruse previous Jess+Scott+You Google+ Hangouts | Visit Google+ Page before attending the next Google+ Hangout

Halftime Mike Podcast with Mike Gingerich

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases Halftime Mike Podcast for Search Engine People and their audience

image credit:

The Halftime Mike Podcast is intended to be a resource to owners and marketers who need straight answers in the midst of the blizzard of information flying at them online. The goal is to help them fight "social overwhelm" and to offer "doable" tactics and practical strategies that can be implemented in short order. The podcast features guests interviewed by Mike with expertise in some area of digital or social marketing, as well as solo segments by Mike.

Recent topics covered include interviews with social media experts, using social media to grow your business, how to leverage Pinterest to grow website traffic, and an overview of Google+.

The "Halftime" theme comes from Mike's love of and involvement with basketball, both as a player and most recently as a coach of his kid's teams. Mike invites owners and marketers each episode to take a "halftime" where they reflect on a topic and evaluate ideas for making changes that can help them improve and succeed online in "the second half."

"For me, it's a part of my overall goal as a Digital Marketing Strategist to provide helpful and practical insights to help businesses grow more leads and sales online. The interviews provide great content for my blog and I get to interview some great leaders and provide usual tips, doable tips to listeners. It's a win-win for me!," says Mike.

One of Mike's favorite interviews was with Sue B. Zimmerman. Sue's known as, "The Instagram Gal," and she brings such a high energy and love for life to all she does. She talked about practical ways Instagram is being used to grow businesses from retail to B2B, and brought a number of key tactics to episode that listeners could implement right away.

Access Halftime Mike Podcast | Tune-in to Halftime Mike Podcast on iTunes

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases the Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner for Search Engine People

image credit:

This is kind of the "Grand Daddy" of social media marketing podcasts. The audio compliment to the Social Media Examiner multi-author blog and resourceful industry website.

As they state, the topics of the podcast are as diverse as there are professional niches. They have discussed social networks, podcasting, and featured interviews with thought leaders and industry experts. Recent topics include: Relationship Marketing, Teaching Sells, and Crisis Management - What to do when your business makes a public mistake.

Right from SME: "The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing." A great resource for marketing managers, right? 🙂

And just like my friends above, Mike is friendly, and a terrific host! The Social Media Marketing Podcast is a great place to start. Also very easy to access -- Have it delivered to our Inbox, get it on your mobile, or enjoy right at your computer.

Get your hands on all previous Social Media Podcast episodes | Subscribe via iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, SoundCloud or Blackberry

You Take The Mic

Above are five GOOD podcast and Google+ Hangout options for marketing managers to sink their ears into, and stay on-track in their positions. All it takes is a click or subscribe to access.

Did you learn a new trick or two?

Discover some interesting new online marketing resources?

What great podcasts or Google+ Hangouts are not on this list?

Please share your thoughts in comments below...