Our resident PPC dude, Sasha was wondering hither and yon over Google today and came up with this little nugget on a search for "business cards Toronto".


This is everything that appears above the fold and if you look very, very carefully, very, very carefully and you'll see it waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy at the bottom.

Why it couldn't be, could it? An organic listing. A single organic listing.

There's been a lot of chat regarding whether this is a good Google or a bad Google thing.

Call me eeyore but I think it's a bad Google thing. Paid placement hasn't yet become the defacto standard so organic listings are still the currency of trade with regard to search engines. Even Ask.com gets that.

Pollute and obfuscate your business case too much and suddenly you're not so much with the business case anymore.

There are plenty who disagree with me, but Google is, in the user's experience, first and foremost a search engine.

This iteration ain't that. Of course that doesn't for a second mean we/I won't work with it.

My $.02.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy