Will it finally happen this time? Will Yahoo and Microsoft merge? Combined they would be able to own at least a third of all Internet searches. They would have 600 million users. They would own one of the largest content networks. They would be the world's largest webmail provider. They would own the world's most used online bookmarking tools. And of course they would have a set of toolbars which already does most of the things Ruud one day expects in Google's.

Corporate culture

What worries most analists is the difference in corporate culture between the two. But is it or are the Yahoo UI team and the Microsoft Live teams completely compatible, seeing as how both are on the very cutting edge of what can and should be done with the latest web technologies?

Doesn't the Yahoo Mail beta and Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail show that these people think and work alike?

Moving around

Meanwhile Yahoo announced it will shut down Yahoo Photos. Starting in June customers will be informed that they can move to Flickr and Yahoo will help them do so. Yahoo is showing excellence in customer treatment by offering other services to move to as well, up to and including main competitor PhotoBucket.