minimalistorange Your last web design was bland. It had as much pizzaz as your neighbors 19-year-old Chihuahua, which, incidentally, always looks like a sick, drowned rat. You were getting okay conversion rates, but you can never have too many conversions, right? Right.

You hire one of the top designers, suggested by the top web designer review site. You pay extra for a whole bunch of really cool bells and whistles. It has flash and robots that speak to your customers and answer questions. Since the robots do all the talking, you dont need more than a sentence or two as far as content goes; the designer mentioned something about videos and text, but text just looks stupid so its better to leave it off, right? Right.

You add Musac in the background, because its what plays in the elevators of fancy corporations (and arent you now a fancy corporation online?). Yes, you even turn yourself into a talking head. Why not? If youre old bland site brought in conversion, this new bells and whistles design will really sell some product, right? Right.

- And you got it all for a steal at only $10,000

Now youre taking off the bubble wrap, dusting off the fingerprints and leaning back. Youre pumped, because the sales are going to just start roooolling in, right?


Ten Grand Do Nothing Site

Unfortunately, dear, youve just paid ten grand for a website that wont do well at all. You see, the search engines cant see most of that awesome stuff you just put on your new site, so they wont be rushing to put you on the front page. In fact, search engines look at that shiny new website like you do your neighbors Chihuahua

Chihuahua Flash, videos and gizmos show up as a big, fat zilch to the search engine bots. They cant see that stuff, dont care about that stuff, and dont want that stuff. What they want is what was on your old bland site: good old-fashioned content and quality, relevant links. What does this mean? It means you had better start getting some keywords, links and information on your site in order to be noticed by the search engines.

Do they want to be blasted by Musac, searching frantically and in vain for the mute button? Do they want to be forced to view your videos to get information they could read in a few minutes? Do they want to wait while your artsy flash loads? I think I speak for most when I say, No along with not in this lifetime and Id kill myself first.

This could be all in my head. Your new website design may be beautiful, wonderful and bring in tons of conversions. I could be wrong. How do you find out the true reaction?

Well, the search engines will tell you by their rankings. Watch them, because you very well might drop like a stone in a pond. A good SEO will tell you also; you can grab a report from them.

If you want to know what your visitors are saying, have a look at your web logs. On what page did they land? How long did they stay? Did they move to other pages like your contact or sales? OR did they view your web design and move straight (and quick) to the back button?

Sometimes your web logs will tell you what your best friends wont. Sometimes the search engines will tell you what your best friends wont. For that matter, Ill tell you what your best friends wont. When it comes to web design, SEO and search engines, sometimes less is better.

Finally, remember how you feel about your neighbors Chihuahua dont have a website that, ultimately, looks like a drowned rat no matter how much bling it has on it.