Facebook is the largest Social Networking site in the world, offering you the greatest potential to drive traffic to your site. It has become a prime and powerful marketing tool. Taking this into account, we have put together our top 5 ways to generate more Likes on your Facebook page.

Good Content

This is where many people really labor. Many people think that it all just involves getting more likes on your page. This has been and will always be wrong approach. What will draw people like your page the most is its contents. You have to post interesting or controversial and captivating news or information that will draw people, just like flies are drawn to rubbish bins. If you have boring and disinteresting articles on your page, you will most likely lose the fans you have and never attract others. So if your content is great, people will like it and also recommend it to their friends much like a virus. So take care of number one, that is, to make the page engaging and captivating.

Get fans to upload and tag photos

When you attend a function or maybe host it, you can take a bunch pictures and videos and post them on Facebook. You can then request your friends to tag themselves on the photos.  If you host (or attend) an event with several of your fans take a bunch of pictures, post them to your page, and then ask your friends to tag themselves in the pictures. This will also post on their walls and hopefully make you more visible.

Facebook Applications

There are several Facebook applications ranging from the cheap amateurish to those that are developed by experts. You can also get an app customized, though it will cost you quite an amount.  An app can do so much ranging from games, relationship issues, competitions to electronic business.  An app will enable you to use optimally all the information that is posted on Facebook. If you get a fantastic app e.g. love and relationship, you can draw multitude of people leading to a phenomenal increase in likes.

Friends Suggestions

This was among the first and the easiest methods to be used get people to like your page. Although its effectiveness has dramatically reduced, it still works for some people. For example if you are starting something new then you can start in this way and suggest it to all your friends. However you should not overdo it because it sometimes really ticks off people are just not interested friends who just have no interest.

Buy Facebook Likes

If the worst comes and you desperately need the Likes you can just buy them. There are many online companies that now do this and it is not expensive. Sites like uSocial offer these services in packages from a thousand and going up to even a million plus you can get discounts. Also there are other sites such as Ever.com which people state what they can do for only five bucks. Youd be amazed by how many people are willing to suggest their 4000+ friends to like you for only $5. But if it's a good idea?