Googlerankings has a new tool they call the Ultimate SEO Tool. I am not sure I would agree that it is the ultimate tool, but it does have its uses. It first decides which keywords or phrases your page uses most and presents a long list Then it does a nice job of reporting keyword density for the phrases, and finally, lets you see the ranking of each phrase. What I found most useful was in seeing how phrases rank that I had never thought about before. These are the obscure phrases on the page that you did not optimize for, as they probably are just part of a sentence somewhere on the page. In my tests, most of these phrases were so obscure that I assume no one would ever search for them, yet I found two phrases that would be worth spending a little more time on. I basically see this tool as an idea-generator, but of course, its actual stated purpose is useful as well. In any case, you might find some use for it. Check it out at