Not Your Average Marketing Post: You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks


In my later forties I found myself heading into a new career....

Familiar with advertising and a little acquainted with internet advertising, I ventured into the internet media of SEO and PPC. Welcomed with bright smiles and eager faces I bravely walked into an office staffed with employees my children's ages with knowledge and patience I had not witnessed before in my 30+ years working.

Teaching the old bird came so naturally to them. Patience and calm and so encouraging. I have been a trainer of adults most of my working life and am still most impressed with their methods of explanation.

The PPC Specialist who detailed the workings of Google AdWords in simple common sense terminology. The Conversion Team with their study of users engagements with websites. Our SEO specialists and their study of Google Organic Rankings and trends and their analysis of Google's ever changing algorithm. Their diagnosis of sites have completely enlightened my views of the inner workings of websites and their interactions within the internet.

I've been asking questions and getting great answers. I've been trying and verifying my new knowledge and applying my new knowledge successfully primarily because I play and experiment. The internet cannot be broken... drop the fear and just try.

I am writing this to let all you 45+ year olds that it is not that hard.

A co-worker of mine put it in a great way.... She said "surrender to it". Surrender to the fact that the internet is not a fad or a trend. Embrace it and give it a try.

Our generation has figured out the evolution of video games from Pong to Pac Man to Halo. From Gaming consoles like Atari to the Wii and Nintendo; From one dimensional characters to interactive games like the sport games like tennis and yoga; Super Mario to Call of Duty.

We have mastered Cell phones with battery packs to the pocket size phone/computer units. We have learned to TEXT.

We can also master the internet with Facebook and Pinterest, and Blogs and tumbler and twitter.

Embrace the new and don't fear what you don't know. Just try ! I am proof, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

About the Author: Pamela Taylor

My job at SEP allows me to be constantly learning, and sharing my new found knowledge with co-workers and clients. Love learning every day. Those who know me know I love to laugh :)

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