Going through just one additional step in your video publishing process can increase your exposure hundreds, thousands of times while at the same time increasing the number of times your material is referenced.

Breaking: Written Word Kills Video Star

While online video, the second screen, and video via mobile devices, the third screen, is all the rage and its market keeps growing virtually overnight, video consumption is far behind regular web content.


This is the perspective: about half of the Internet users in the USA view about 1-10 videos per week " while the same average Internet user surfed 111 domain, 2554 pages in a month. Thats 576 pages in a week.

576 pages versus 10 videos " think about that before doing your next vlog (video blog) post.

Why Written Words Outperform Video

1. We like to gauge value by scanning a page; is this of interest? " you cant scan video

you can't skim video


2. Video requires extra equipment; text on page doesnt

video needs equipment


3. Text is copy-and-paste friendly, encouraging and enabling sharing

give others something they want to share 

Video: Shared, Not Referenced

Sharing is forwarding a link to someone.

Referencing is you quoting someone somewhere and linking back to the source.

You dont get that with video.

The best you can hope with video is that, like Lyndon does in the tweet above, it gets shared. Knowing Lyndon, this content must be top-notch or he wouldnt share it but I can tell you two things about it:

  1. I cant quote anything from it here " because it was a video
  2. I have about half an hour to an hour in the morning to do stuff before my workday begins; I dont have time to watch a 4 minute video.

In that same time I could have read tens of pages " and thats what I rather do then.

Its the number 4 under Why Written Words Outperfom Video: video eats actual time. Its not that its not worth the investment; its that we dont get to gauge it (no scanning) so the safe bet is to click away.

How To Increase Video Views & Exposure

Video, audio, images, Flash: what they have in common is that on a web page they should play a supporting role, an almost decorative role. They should be the also not the instead of.

Once your video is made, go through the simple step of transcribing and possibly describing its content.

The added on-page text will:

  • increase exposure as more people are aware of its content even without watching
  • increase viewership as people get a chance to gauge their return on time invested
  • increase backlinks as people will copy-and-paste actual quotes from your video
  • increase the number of people coming to the video via search engines

Additional Reading

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